Saturday, November 07, 2009

School Time

I think we have mentioned that we enrolled AA in a two days a week preschool class at the local church in mid-August. It was mainly so she would be around other children and due to her behavior with other children, we thought we would be in for a two or three week "adjustment" period. She adjusted the very first day. She really loves her teacher, Mrs. Amanda.

I am still puzzled at why AA is so shy around most people even those she has known for the past year but at this school, from the first day, has acted secure and relaxed and "normal". If you know AA, she is not a social child, will not tolerate being out of our sight (we understand all the issues she is having/could be having so please don't go there with us).
I am baffled that she looks forward to this gathering of children, yet at all other play groups she is her usual self, withdrawn, shy, meltdown possibilities.
Enough about that, she continues to make so much progress with her English and all the "home schooling" we have done to bring her to what is expected of a three year old. She is happy, joyful, plays hard and you should see her run now! We are so pleased and she knows it with all the praising she gets from us!

Here's two pictures of her playing a game at school (yes, Daddy is a school volunteer and played the games with each class).
I have a story to tell someday about how I thought AA was a lefty, but she has used her right hand ever since being home from China, she eats with her right and picks up pencils and crayons with her right. So, I was very surprised to see these two photos of AA throwing with her left! Maybe a switch hitter in the future?

Informal class picture. DH took several pictures but AA kept pulling her shirt up... what's up with that? Finally, this is the only one with shirt in place!

Do you mind if I say this over and over.... she's growing up too fast, my little baby is a little girl.... She is a little person now! (the tears begin....).


Suzie said...

It really is amazing to see the transformation from her timid looking referral photo to the photos now of her smiling and loving life!

Glad to hear that she loves school!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love the photos..
Looks like AA is having a great time..
And they do grow up WAY to fast..
Have a great weekend..

Mike and Rhonda said...

Hannah Grace behaves very similarly. Yea, leaves you scratching your head huh?

It is obvious you guys are doing a terrific job as her parents.

Oh...yes they grow up way too fast. As my great grandmother use to say, put a brick on that baby's head, she is growing way too fast.

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely beautiful. What a lovely little girl you have!

Yes, they grow up to fast. FAR too fast. The baby of our army is almost three and the thought of that is sending me into a panic. I want a pause button for time!

Sarah said...

It's so reassuring to hear that, although she is so shy 'even around people she has known for the past year', she loves/d her preschool (the first day too!) and is not as shy there!
I keep wondering if our baby girl will ever 'get over' her extreme shyness around others (primarily adults she is not around daily). She's not at all shy at home - just 'in public' - to most anyone that even just tries to make eye contact with her, much less speak to her.

Wanda said...

I's shocking how they lose their baby stuff and become little people. And wait, it only gets more so.

Each age is beautiful but oooooh, that baby stage should last longer!

Julie said...

AA is just a beautiful child.

Tess was very shy and going to daycare helped her tremendously. She was in an in-home the first year, but switched to a pre-school type setting after that. I think it was exposure to all the different adult teachers, or something else, but it helped her.

So glad AA is doing well!

Dita said...

Sometimes people just know when they feel comfortable and when they don't. Just because they're little people doesn't mean that they don't know it too.

As you always do, take AA's lead and marvel at her ability to make choices that keep her feeling in her comfort zone.

She is getting so big but she will always be your baby. Enjoy every single day with've earned it!

Dawn said...

I'm not going to attempt to go "there" with you cos I have one that flummoxes us with her behaviour too. Just when we know what to expect it all changes.....hmmm.
AA is growing up but she gets more lovely by the day.

Rammi said...

Maybe she'll be ambidextrous when she grows up? :)

Liz and Ava said...

Maybe preschool is less of a threat of "intamicy" or "closeness" and therefore less of a threat of loosing the least that is what I have heard from some of the experts.