Saturday, November 28, 2009

Forgetful? Hint for All (Not Just Old People)

Have you tried this hint to help remember where you put items that you need to take out to your car?
After you get over the shock of the blog title, Lessons for Old People, you can learn something new! Of course, after reading a few of her posts, which she wrote for her Mom, I decided that the title was fine as I resemble it! And, I am sure I am older than her Mom, so what does that make me?

You have probably heard this before and it bears repeating. It seems to happen to us often. Either we save some food from a dinner for a guest to take home or we go to someone's home and they offer us some leftovers.
I also seem to forget to take leftovers to work that I have prepared for lunch. My solution was to write a big note and place it on my purse. And sometimes that doesn't help as the note gets moved.
We always have our car keys at one end of our kitchen counter so they can be found, so discovering them not there would certainly make us go looking for where they are. In the case of this hint, I would look in the refrigerator to find my work lunch. I like this tip.

You won't forget items stored in a friend's fridge if you toss your keys in as well

BRILLIANT. From Shivani:

When my sister and I were younger, sometimes my parents would have to store items in the fridge at someone's house when we went to visit (such as medicines or milk). To keep from forgetting these items when they left, my dad would leave his keys in the fridge next to the item. That way, wouldn't forget the items in the fridge as he needed his keys to drive home. You probably could do the same at work or school to make sure you don't leave leftovers overnight in the fridge.

Check out Katherine's blog and her introduction to herself. She won me over after I read all her posts about Twitter and then I read her post on chopstick etiquette! Yep, she knows it all!
If you expand her right side bar archive list, maybe you will find a topic that interests you. If not, give her a shout; I bet she can help you out!

Note: Katherine gave credit for this tip to Parent Hack. Read all the comments to gain more useful ways not to forget, even not to forget the baby!


Katherine said...

Wow, thanks for finding me!
Between you and me, my sister is in her early 30s and needs more "help" than my mom. ;)

Dita said...

I have done that with my keys but then, the problem is......I forget where I put my keys!

Heather J. said...

I do the keys-in-the-fridge thing all the time! But this is the first time I've heard of anyone else who does it. My friends/family all think I'm nuts, but it really works. :)