Wednesday, November 25, 2009

CAT - As in Caterpillar, Decatur, Illinois

AA received a CAT shirt from Auntie Mia and Uncle Mike last fall (posted a few days ago here). It was too big and still is, but is such a soft, warm shirt, we had it on in the house one recent cool morning. AA is making strides with her memory skills and verbal skills. Her conversations are getting clearer and clearer. She also loved making the Mickey Mouse puzzle over and over (and being goofy as we tried to entice those smiles out of her!).


Dita said...

I know you guys think so but do you have any idea how completely scrumptous your daughter is?!

I could just eat her up right from this computer!

Every color is amazing on her but pink and die for!

Wanda said...

Ditto from Dita's comment. Cute t-shirt too.

Wanda, Geoff and Lexi said...

AA is one of the most precious China darlings I've ever seen! I love "watching" her grow up and change on the blog! I have no idea who Dita is but I agree, I could just reach in the computer and give her a big squeeze. I'd really love for her and Lj to meet some day!