Friday, November 13, 2009

Baby Shower

Not for us! (we are way beyond having another..... you really weren't thinking... you do remember our ages..... AA was/is our last!).

DD is due in December and two family members and friends teamed up to host two baby showers. The first one was this past Saturday.

DD with host Sharon and Nicole (Nicole is taking the picture).

Had to have one picture in this post of grand-Livi.... she is talking up a storm and very aware of being a good socialite! She was so cute in her frilly tutu and is so tall and lanky, she seems to glide wherever she goes!
This picture isn't the best, I didn't seem to be on my best paparazzi patrol.......

Group photo.... over 20 of us there. Great location, good food and a great job by the hostesses.

You can see peeks of the ocean in these pictures, I should have taken a picture of the oceanfront view. It was great!

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T n' W said...

Livi and Sophie MUST be watching the same fashion channel...sporting those boots with her tutu!:)