Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Sister!

I have mentioned a few times about my "baby" sister.
We have visited more often in the past year as she surprised me and flew to Florida for our September 2008 "baby" shower right before leaving for China, then I saw her in October in Maine, then again in February 2009 in Maine when AA got to experience snow for the first time, then she flew back here in June for a visit with us and cousin.
It is her birthday tomorrow. She has made a special bond with AA and we all miss her even though "Skyping" helps.

Hoping she has a great day and can celebrate with friends and family!
Be happy! Happy Birthday, kiddo!!


Debz said...

Happy Birthday to your sister! Is her Birthday actually today? Or tomorrow...mine is tomorrow I'm always looking for someone who shares my same day ;O)
Hope she has a wonderful one!

Alyson & Ford said...

Her birthday is the 14th, same as yours. Happy Birthday to you too!

mimi's mommy said...

Happy Birthday Baby Sistah!!! What a BEAUTIFUL AND HAPPY face she has!

Dita said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Baby Sister!

Melissa said...

Hey, Thanks to everyone--so far day going ok--I did wake up to a GREAT SUNRIDE--check the pic out on facebook--well I will be putting thi on my blog too--

Deb-Happy Birthday to you!

Thank you to Al & Ford for always being there for me. No miles matter anymore!

XXOO to AA for me!

Love--Mel, baby sister, who is now offically 44! ARGH!