Sunday, October 18, 2009

Family Trip - Photos and Photos

More family photos from the wedding. The next post should be of AA's first trip to a Zoo (in USA) and riding a train!

There were some great family photos taken last week in Illinois/St.Louis Missouri area. Hoping we will get to see the wedding album at some point as the professional photographer had the most marvelous and extravagant plans (included a chartered bus for the wedding party to have photo ops all over St. Louis).

Many photos were taken with the groom (on right); here is one with two of his Uncles.

Our SIL with our grand-nephew.

The third brother (and father of the groom) with their Dad.

The next three pictures have DH's sister from Illinois in each; first with her niece, second with her hubby and two darling children; the third is with the three brothers.

Lots and lots of family pictures!

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stephanie said...

What a handsome bunch! Must be some of my kinfolks. Looks like a great celebration. Congratulations!