Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September 1st......Tattoos?

I can't believe time is approaching the one year anniversary of our trip to China (09/11/08) and our "Gottcha/Forever Family Day" on 09/16/08... AND AA's birthday in China on 09/20/08 AND our final day in China/our arrival on USA soil on our eldest daughter's birthday 09/28/08!!
What an amazing month it was! AND you know we will post more on our anniversary month later...
How many AND's can we fit into just one month?!? :)

So as I was checking out everyone's "Three Word Sunday" posts.....What is all the interest in tattoos? I am a non-tattoo person....... Yes, our older kids each have one...... but us? The older than dirt couple? Not going to happen!!

Here's a picture of the tattoo someone in our family has on their person........ that person is a Beatles fan to the MAX! It is very small and very cute green apple.

However, we do have a nephew-in-law who is an excellent tattoo artist working in Las Vegas,,, so if you want a tattoo, drop the word and we'll give you his name to set up an appointment.

You can check out some current posts about some of our bloggy friends doing the tattoo thing...
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We are finding more and more tattoo secrets amongst our bloggy friends. Since I am totally chicken even though I think tattoos can be cool... I will reserve just looking and admiring them right now!
Special K over at A Million Miles to Mia.
Kristy at Franceskas Journey.
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K1's Blog and her latest post on tattoos!
MissMeliss admits to having one too over at To China and Back... and Beyond.
Kayce's tattoo at the Stories of Life in the Middle of Adoption (one to grow).
Luna at Our Beautiful Moon.
Debz says she has a tattoo over at Sugar and Spice (they leave for China in 9 days!!).

Anyone else contemplating a tattoo or already has one?


a Tonggu Momma said...

I am not inked. I will never be inked. I think they are totally cool. I am afraid of pain. Heh.

Jboo said...

That apple is so cute! But, I'm a wimp -- so will never go that route! Think I was in college before I was brave enough to get my ears pierced!!

What an exciting month you have ahead!


Kris said...

WOW... our timeline is so similar, just a year apart. Ellis Day will be Sept 14th for us and we'll come home on the 25th! (flying in and out of JAX by the way!)

Marla said...

LOL @ older than dirt! My mom and aunt are 68 and 58, respectively, so it's never too late to change your mind. I'm already planning my next one. :)

Michelle said...

No tattoo here.

I was raised in a very strict religion where they are completely taboo. Even though I don't practice that religion anymore my father does and it would be considered disrespectful to him if I got one.

Maybe that is a stupid reason for someone who is 38 years old but I just can't do it.

I think they are really cool though.

Alyson & Ford said...

I can relate to your comment regarding your father.

My dad returned from the War with a tattoo. Eventually, as my brothers and I grew older, we began admiring Dad's tattoo.
It was our father's desire and request that we refrain from getting a tattoo. To make his point, he had the tattoo cut from his arm. This was long before laser treatments were available.
He would rather endure the pain and live with a scar than provide any incentive for us to get a tattoo. He carries that scar today.
That and that alone is why I do not have a tattoo. If it meant that much to my Dad, then I owe him that much...

k1 said...

My dad, too, came home from the war with a tatoo on his arm. He HATED it. Always said that if any of us got a tatoo he would disown us. Well, since he LEFT us when we were not all yet in elementary school and didn't re-enter our lives until adulthood, that threat didn't really carry much weight. Nonetheless, when I got mine, I had it put somewhere where it is only visible to others if I WANT them to see it.

I'll do a post of it on Thursday... the 10th anniversary of getting it.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I am sooo excited to get my new tatoo..I have 2 others.. a dragonfly on my foot and a fairy on a crescent moon on my back..
I was told if you get a tattoo make sure it is something you would live with the rest of you life..
I did the dragonfly as it is my favorite and it is a goodluck symbol..
As for the fairy and crescent moon.. I LOVE fairies.. they are soo beautiful..
and as for the new one..
I will carry my 4 children with me FOREVER..
And I wanted to put a piece of Isabella and my old tattoo that I have had forever..
Thanks for the post..
I know some people look down on tattoo's but I respect that as I can cover mine up if need to be..
I respect everyone for what they are and who they are..
Have a great week..

bbmomof2boys said...

Yep, I also have them. One on my ankle, a rose and one on my shoulder, a butterfly with a small ladybug. I've always wanted one on my foot...maybe someday!



T n' W said...

September....what an awesome month! Sooo much to celebrate. Ya know I would LOVE to have one of those Chinese Cakes right about now! Might try to tackle that for Sophie in December.

Luna said...

I always said I would never get one, but I did on our two year LID anniversary. I got the Chinese symbol for Family and I LOVE it. Never say never!!

Jeannie said...

not for me. i just don't have the 'tattoo style' about me. you know? i'm too...ordinary to have one. and too old. it seems tats can be cute on young skin but on aging skin? not so much. i cringe when i see a young person with a "juvenile" tat as i think, "you really think you're going to still love Eyeore when you're 48? enough to wear him on your calf?"

i suppose, though, that the generation of people who are often inked will all be growing old together so tats on old skin might not look so bad when everyone in the senior center's got one.

sometimes i think that the right one, something cool and unique like that apple might be okay for me????? then i come to my senses.

Kayce said...

I'm inked and love em! I've got one on my back, a turtle for longevity and about 2 years ago I finally got my long wanted "medical alert" (I'm a type 1 diabetic) tattoo on my wrist...it's a bracelet that is tied with a red ribbon and the word "diabetic" is tattooed on the inside of my wrist. I love it and I have wanted it since I was little.

Looking for ward to reminiscing with you guys on your one year family day anniversary.

Don and Be said...

Joanna Mei already wants a tattoo .... I may have trouble .....

MissMeliss said...

I have one. It is on my back (in the middle, below my neck) in MEMORY of my first nephew who passed away. :( Most of the time I forget it is there. But it is. lol


MissMeliss said...

thanks for your comment about my Tigger post. :) YEAH for you and AA for being together for 11 months!!! WOOHOOO!


Debz said...

I have one on my upper thigh...I wanted it somewhere where the only time you could see it is if I'm wearing shorts or a bathing suit.
It's Tinkerbell holding scissors and a comb. When Jac was little it was our favorite movie to watch together...she used to call me tink and she was my Peter Pan.