Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Pause In What’s To Be

We both worked (FM is now retired) at the same place, a power plant, an electric generating facility with 270 employees. Most everyone was hired about the same time (late 1984 - early 1986) so we have all been together some 24+ years. We are like family. No, we are family. We know each other well, whether we socialize outside of work hours or not (and many do). We work together, solve problems, tease and banter and especially watch out for each other. Many are our neighbors.
We have lost three employees in six weeks. Sudden deaths. No warning. Rod, Burt and Ed. All three dedicated, long term employees.
The funeral tomorrow is for #3. Ed.
Last spring we lost two.

Losing an employee has a lasting effect on all of us. We miss them and wish them back.


Life is but a stopping place, a pause in what’s to be. A resting place along the road to sweet eternity. We all have different journeys, different paths along the way. We all were meant to learn some things but never meant to stay

Our destination is a place far greater than we know. For some, the journeys quicker, for some the journeys slow. And when the journey finally ends, we’ll claim a great reward. And find an everlasting peace, together with the Lord.


Kayce said...

Thanks for posting this...I need to be reminded of that right now. I am so sorry for you loss. Hugs.

k1 said...

So sorry for the loss of yet another friend/coworker. It's never easy whether the loss comes suddenly or is prolonged.

redmaryjanes said...

Beautiful post Ford. I know that your friends are in a glorious place right now and busier than ever doing amazing things in heaven.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, A&F... I am so sorry for your losses. But you are right - there is comfort in believing that the best is yet to come. The Tongginator and I just had a conversation about heaven yesterday because I'm watching the twins from next-door this week (Rosie's children). How to explain to a young child that heaven is WONDERFUL and that those there don't have time to miss us, even though we miss them terribly?

Suzie said...

It's never easy to lose someone. I'm so sorry.

Melissa said...

Thinking of you & FOra, as always. Wishing I could ahve & make my journey closer w/you all!
Keep your chin up & keep smiling your GRAND smile!!

Dita said...

I am so sorry for your losses. Such beautiful words.

Hugs to you both!