Saturday, August 15, 2009

Proof of the Hair Cut

We read and hear comments about AA's hair length; how long it is getting. We are letting the bangs grow out and we want some length so that pony tails or pig tails are in her hair-do repertoire.

This is her third haircut since last October (2008) and another inch came off. She is still very leery of anything new; doing anything for the first time but this trip to see Uncle Zack, she chatted (from what I understood) all about getting her hair done!

I did not post the pictures where AA was a bit apprehensive when the spray water bottle came out and when she couldn't see what Uncle Zack was doing (which was half the time!). Overall, she did a great job, much more relaxed and Uncle Zack heaped on the praises!

The final hair drying and touch up trimming:

She was a good sport and at home, she continues to talk all about getting her hair done (with the iPhone in her lap....). Maybe you can see the difference in length from this past Monday's (the 10th) post pictures.

(below is her "I don't want you to take anymore pictures of me... "cheese" look"):


Dita said...

Looks like AA and I had similar experiences at the hairdresser today!

I don't blame her, I don't like it when I can't see what those folks wielding scissors are up to either!

I'm hoping a ponytail is still in my repertoir considering the "haircut" while the "stylist" was chatting away!

AA looks WAY cuter than I do!

Kelly And Allison said...

AA has beautiful hair. She looks so cute with the new cut. Can you believe she is growing up so fast?!

Hope you have a great weekend.


Ruth and Brian said...

Oh so very cute. I still cannot believe how much hair she has. I think I have trimmed Abigail's hair once with a bang touch up since we've been home. She still does not have too much and what she does have is so fine. Soon I suppose.

By the way, love the zig zag part look in the chair! Not sure if that was intentional or not but very stylish these days.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

AA is tooo cute..
LOVE the new hair cut...
Have a great weekend..

Margaret M said...

She is just so darn CUTE!!! I love her hair!

Jboo said...

Such a cutie!! Love her new look!


Melissa said...

You go Zach!!!