Monday, August 10, 2009

Playing in Pink

This weeks photos of AA; she keeps moving and playing (on the floor this time) when Mommy wants some new photos!
Just when I am about to give up she stands still for a moment and finally gives that smile....

(Am I obsessed with dressing her in lots of pink?)

Don't you just love the mosquito bite? Did it have to be in the very center of her forehead! :)


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

AA's hair is getting sooo long..
LOVE the photos..
Can you send me a photo of AA in the blanket on my email.. when I get the one from the site you gave me.. it is toooo small.. thanks.

Marla said...

She is absolutely stunning! And there is no such thing as too much pink. :)

Carol and Taylor said...

I would not use the word "obsessed", I think you just instinctively realize that given AA's coloring, she looks absolutely FAB in that color! Of course, I've yet to see a color she doesn't look good in!

Kind regards,

Carol and Taylor

Julie said...

I love that hot pink/dark pink color on Tess too. Alyzabeth looks fabulous in it!

Jboo said...

She looks so beautiful in that dark pink! And her hair -- so long and lovely! Isn't it wonderful to have a little girl! :)


Dita said...

love every single shot of her. How can you NOT dress her in pink when it looks so unbelieveably yummy on her?

Her hair is so shiny and silky! Just beautiful!

KHM said...

Pink is very useful. In AA's case she just looks good in it.

In JJ's case it cuts down (but does not eliminate) on the comments about our cute little "boy".

one day they won't let us dress them anymore, so we may as well enjoy!

China Dreams said...

It's amazing what a difference a year makes! Just looking at her photo at the top of the page and comparing it to this one-she has definitely grown up a lot with your love and care, and she looks so happy.

Pink obsession? It was my son's favorite color in China. He got a hot pink balloon at the Beijing zoo and still likes hot pink toys, though America is so gender nuts that they're almost all just for girls, so I think he's making the switch to red.

Mama to virtual twins said...

AA, IS SO GOREGOUS!!! I love all the photos you take of her! Our
Allie loves to swim too!!!

Have a great week!



Shane & Irma said...

Girls are ment to wear pink at that age. They look so cute, and there are alot of things to match them with.

Have a great week

Shane & Irma said...

if you don't mind giving me the info on were you got the book. "music to go" i would love to get it for my babies for x-mas if possible.
thanks for the inf.

Truly Blessed said...

Simply beautiful. Or should I say "Pretty in Pink"!

k1 said...

I personally think she's gorgeous in whatever color she's wearing! Her hair has gotten so long! You don't notice it until you see the older photos.