Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One Year Ago - August 12, 2008

August 13, 2009 UPDATE:
China is matching! A special friend of ours will be getting her Referral any day now. The feeling is indescribable and she has Waited so long for this day to come. Our hopes, thoughts and prayers are with you Catherine!!

Has it really been a year already?!?

To describe this day would be futile, but I am going to try. Rereading our posts a year ago, we didn't write a lot of details. Of course we were in a state of mind that had us both blubbering and babbling all day, well into the late night hours.

We knew we were driving to Orlando instead of taking the referral "call". We had saved three different versions of the "call" form, a sort of checklist to write down what you hear during the call. It helps later, as you realize you were so excited that you forgot your daughters name and province! I did take a copy with me so that I could still have the memory of writing it all down. In the end, I didn't complete it as we had most of the papers in front of us.... actually in our hands.

We dreamed about having a video of the call, now to be at our agency's office. We knew it would never top Karen's video of her driving in her car while video taping her hysterics of joy as she learns about her new little daughter Gwen. But we wanted it of us, the pretty calm, older than dirt couple, hearing all about our daughter's whereabouts and especially her date of birth. We were prepared for a three year old; should we dare hope for a baby?
If you have been through this you know all the weird thoughts that can pop into your head even though all along you knew you were going to be so excited as the daughter who was in your heart, was now yours! Our time had come, AA was on the way to completing our family.

My DH videoed us leaving the house, getting into the truck, leaving our neighborhood, getting the flat tire, talking to Cat while in route, etc..... We made it to the agency office with two cheesecakes in tow (I promised some sweet treat for the appointment, I actually thought it might help them decide to let us come to the office; but they seemed sincerely thrilled that they could do one of these referral "calls" in person). As it turned out, they had another couple doing the same thing that afternoon.
The agency staff was so nice, we were nervous from the excitement and also tired as we had barely slept the two nights previous.
We sat in a conference room, they kindly used our video camera to capture the surprised look (and the tears) as we first saw Nan Min Hua's photo.

I don't think we posted the video of that MOMENT. DH was going to edit it and add photos so we would have a memory to share with AA some day; show her our excitement and love for her long before we held her. I don't think the final video was ever edited..... Something about a second round of paper chasing so that we could get on a plane and spend 16 days in China took our full attention. And get this, from the referral day to getting on that plane..... only 30 days. Who, but our agency, could do something like that? We follow a lot of blogs, and many families who got their referral in July 2008 traveled after us. Many who got their referral in August didn't travel until November. We were back from China with our daughter on September 27th, 2008. Talk about slow down to a crawl, then move into warp speed so fast, we were going in so many directions, never catching our breath and certainly not catching up on our sleep!

So referral day went well, from posting AA's picture on the blog, to meeting with these friends, to driving to our daughter's house where the family waited to celebrate the great news. Our daughter and SIL, recorded a song to remember the day, so sweet, we will never forget "I Will". When we arrived home, we were so excited knowing that more information would be arriving the next day and the FedEx driver would be our hero.
Life just doesn't get any better, I know you all understand the flush of love for your children and the journey you took to reach them.
We look forward to celebrating many more of these joyous days with our March 2006 LID friends. And the countless others in blog world that shared and continue to share this incredible journey, each step along the way.


Catherine said...

Wow, wow, WOW!!! August 12, 2008 is forever etched in my mind! Meeting you for the very first time was a gift and I still remember exactly where we were standing when you pulled Alyzabeth's picture out of the envelope!! She was beyond beautiful and I couldn't believe that on a day filled with such love and excitement that you still squished in a visit with us. Still thankful that we met as I know we share much and look forward to getting together again some day and meeting your precious, beautiful daughter in person!!

For the longest time Bridget and I both felt Hannah's birthday was going to be August 12, 2008. Now, not sure that that's the case but wondering if today, August 12, 2009 is that day that she and I are being matched together in China??!! Hopefully we will find out in a very short amount of time.

Alyson and Ford, you are cherished friends and I am so thankful God allowed us to meet in person and celebrate this most special day in your lives!

Love you! Catherine xo

Kayce said...

What a day! I remember it clearly as does my husband. Enjoy remembering the wonderful memories of the day and the excitement of the days that followed!

Ruth and Brian said...

A Huge, HUge, HUGE Congrats on OUR 1 year anniversary of first laying eyes on our beautiful daughters! It's still so hard to believe/imagine too. We waited 30 months which went by on many occasions so incredibly slow to now having experienced a year (well almost) with our little loved ones and the time...well lets just say screamed by.

We are celebrating right along with you.

McNew Family said...

Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary. You have a beautiful family!

Marla said...

Awwww, congrats on your 1 year referral anniversary! I remember popping over here after someone (Pipo maybe?) posted about your referral arriving.

Have a great day!

Nina said...

I remember checking your blog just about every five minutes, waiting to see AA's face for the first time... and I remember tears coming to my eyes when I finally saw her. Congratulations on one year together!!


Jboo said...

Congrats on your anniversary! What a sweet little girlie! Aren't the changes in her so amazing!


Patty said...

We were also matched on this very day with our 2 year old! CCAI had us in China a week after you, we met our daughter on 9/22 and returned home with her on 10/1. We're also older than dirt..let's just say 50+ & we were expecting to be matched with a child 3+. We were so excited to become parents of a beautiful 2 year old! I can't believe how fast this year has passed - we are loving every minute! Would do it again - but have "aged" out!! Happy Referral Day!!


Lisa~~ said...

What a day and such memories. Happy one year referral anniversary!

Kris said...

I will NEVER forget that day- can't believe a year has passed already!!! Where does the time go? Flies when you're having fun with a beautiful little girl called YOUR daughter :O) Happy Referral Day!!! You gotta show us that video!!!

Ty's Parents said...

Happy 1 Year Anniversary! It is so awesome to read the stories from our travel group about this day. AA is precious as ever! Those eyes...

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I remember this day oh sooo well..
AA is sooooo BEAUTIFUL...
Love the full story of your AMAZING day..
Have a great day..

mimi's mommy said...

Happy Anniversary! I remember gasping out loud when you posted her picture! What a sweet child and a very loving family.May each anniversary be as precious as the first!

Special K said...

I can't believe a year has passed already. I remember stalking your blog for the referral info and rejoicing with you over your beautiful daughter.

Happy Referral Anniversary!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I can't believe it has already been a year!! I remember the day vividly:) Happy ONE Year!!



Brian and Melinda said...

"Happy 1 Year Anniversary of Referral Day"!


Savannah and of course Haleigh sends big hugs for AA!


Brian and Melinda said...

We were blessed to be able to be with the families we were with in China. We wouldn't have traded it for anything. Hope we can get together with you in the future and share the memories. Haleigh says "Hey" back to you. Hope you've had a great day.

Ruth and Brian said...

I have sent you an email so check your box :0)

Dita said...

I was a complete stalker on your blog that day...I remember it like it was yesterday. Every single thing that fell into place that day (even after the tire incident) and the beautiful song the kids recorded for AA. But, mostly, I remember just how hauntingly beautiful she was.

I wouldn't ever have imagined that she would become even more beautiful with every passing day but she certainly has and I am so grateful to share glimpses of your amazing lives together.

AA is truly a blessing and I am so very happy to celebrate this first year with you!

Happy Anniversary!

KHM said...

Ah - how time crawls before that match - and flies by after.

This has been a sweet year for your family and is to so good to see AA settle in and grow and blossom out.

Blessings in your next year.

Mrs. M

Scrappy Bug said...

A YEAR... ALREADY?!!!! I'll never forget the first time I saw AA's face... I remember thinking she had the most mesmerising face, I'd ever seen. Just beautiful (and obviously, still is!!!)

One, wonderful year - of knowing your daughter!

Anonymous said...

time flies! all the best

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Happy year! Love those referral day memories!

Suzie said...

I can't believe it's been a whole year already! I remember when you first shared AA's face with us and thinking that she was the most beautiful child and how very lucky you were! You have a beautiful family and are very blessed to have each other! Happy Referral Anniversary!