Friday, July 24, 2009

AA's Week With Nana

It was a great week with Nana Ann here to help with AA. I was able to continue working (partial week) while DH was out of State with the grown kids, visiting family. Big hugs and love to my Mom!
I will say I missed DH way too much to let him do that again (did that sound right?)! I took AA to Maine in February so I had her with me to give DH a little vacation, but we have decided that we will go on trips together from now on. AA misses him too much! I love traveling too, so we will need to plan so that I can get the time off from work.

Here's more pictures that Nana took while keeping AA busy for three - 14 hour days!! I think Nana did a great job!
Nana braided some of AA's hair; I think it looks great!

If you read our post about losing our little GC cat, you may notice that the Leggos set that my Mom bought for AA has a little gray cat in it. She went to Target the day we decided to take GC to the vet and did not know that this set (it was the only one there in AA's age range) had this cat in it. We had no idea about these Leggo set; thought we were buying a basic set. Coincidence? I think not!

My Mom asked AA if she used her shorts pockets and AA began chattering away and stuck her hands in the pockets..... so cute!

And now for our Starbucks Queen! We went to the playground/park this morning and there is a Starbucks in our little town.... we were so hot and tired (and wanted a clean potty!) so we HAD to stop for a snack...... and Air conditioning! Thank goodness! It is just too hot in Florida! A passion shaken unsweet iced tea for AA and an oatmeal cookie. Yummy!

Saturday and Sunday with Daddy - he's on his way home; YEAH!!


Mama Duck said...

Love those smiles...and the braided hair is so pretty! The Leggo set is great. I agree. No coincidence. :)

Vivian M said...

The braided hair is too cute! And the Lego set rocks, how cool it hafd a grey kitty in it!
Hope Ford makes it home safe and sound and you have a lovely weekend together! I know only too well how hard the separations are.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

AA is sooo beautiful.. I know I say that all the time,but can't get enough of her..
LOVE the Starbucks.. that is my kind of girl..
Have a great week..
Thanks for all the great comments....

Don and Be said...

Starbucks. My kind of gal!

Marsha Cruce said...

love all these wonderful pictures- so sweet that AA got some good time with Nana Ann too.

Victoire et ses heureux parents said...

thank you for this nice pictures of Alysabeth.
Her smile is really marvelous.

Have a nice day.
Severine mother of Victoire(Jiangsu) in south France