Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Photos

I am envious of the Mommy's who set up their blogs to have the wider pictures. I just cannot get enough photos of AA! I just love her to death!! She's a happy toddler! It will be nine months on June 16 from Forever Family Day and we are so happy! Every time I take pictures of her (wishing I could take better quality photos), I just tear up with joy over the blessing we have been given!!

She talks but not very understandable to most people......lots of babbling and mimicking....we understand her more and more.
Her brother Justin was here twice this week repairing various electrical systems that needed attention; AA loves seeing him, even though she is usually shy for the first few minutes then accepts lots of hugging from him!
She is in her last week of ISR swim classes..... she's like a cork after jumping in the pool water and immediately positions herself underwater to come up and float on her back. She is doing so well!! She loves floating on her back (no frantic panicking, she loves to float!!). Survival is second nature to her!
She loves her little Radio Flyer (from Nana & L.L. Bean) bike (no pedals)... she moves that all over the house..... we need to buy a tricycle with real pedals now..... (looking for a used "Morgan"; wonder why??!)

So here's the photos from yesterday, Saturday. I asked her to pose so most of these are not candid.... She still wants to be coy and avoid the camera.....

She was looking at pictures of herself with the pretend binoculars......

New L.L. Bean picnic table from Nana, we will assemble it today...... I was hoping she would get the directions out and put it together herself, but she seemed content to pose on the pieces and parts!

Have a great weekend!!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

AA is soooooo CUTE..
I know I probably say that every single time..
but SHE IS..
Love the photos.
Her little radio flyer is tooo cute and the table will be amazing.
Have a great Sunday..

Cora said...

It won't be long until she is putting together on her own.

Kayce said...

Your pictures are great! AA is just too cute, I just love her sweet smile! That table is just adorable...LOVE LL Bean!

Mama to virtual twins said...

AA, I just love looking at her
photos! She is one of the most
beautiful little girls I've
ever seen. I love seeing all
the updates.

Have a great week!



Vivian M said...

She is adorable, take more pictures!

Melissa said...

Miss you all, Miss you all, Miss you all!!

Jboo said...

She is such a beautiful girl! Love your photos -- don't know how to do those big ones either.

Have a great week.


Dita said...

Oh, would you look at that cheese! Honestly, AA gets more beautiful every single day. Her hair is getting so long and that face...well, I don't have to tell YOU...she really is stunning!

You can get the bigger pictures on your blog if you just tweek your columns a bit. I wish I were an expert but I used a blog designer to help do mine and she was very reasonably priced if you are interested let me know.
You wouldn't need to do much to yours, just a little nip and tuck so I'll bet it would be even less than you think