Monday, June 29, 2009

iPhone Decision

We bought the "new" iPhone 3G back in August 2008 as we needed a new phone and we were traveling to China plus thought the features would make it easier to use the web when we were away from our laptop. We loved it over in China and still would buy it again.
The new 3GS is out and I was checking out the improved differences.

Have you bought the new 3GS?
I am sure it may have a few bugs to work our but read this on overheating (not a good thing!). It sounds like this has been a problem from the initial model, but we have not experienced any problems.
Since I am using my company issued cell phone, I do not carry the iPhone (my DH does, lucky him!) so am considering taking the plunge into iPhone territory.
What do you like about it?


epin said...

I bought the 3GS (had the original iPhone before) and love it. My favorite feature is the video. Already, I have been able to capture moments of my daughters that I would have missed otherwise.

Melissa said...

You buy & I'll try it out for ya!


Mel in STILL wet & soggy Maine!

McNew Family said...

We got mine last Aug, too! Did you know that you can download the new version onto the old one - it updates it all, except the video and voice. It works WAY faster now!

Also, quick note to let you know that your bloomers and skirt are shipping out to you today! Hope you like them!


Carol and Taylor said...

Love mine. I would be lost without it. I program everything, both work and personal, into the scheduler, and set reminders for myself.

My friend talked me into getting one, as I'm in no way a techy person who always wants the latest gadget. It will change your life for the better!

Just do it!

Oh, and download a few games for kids. When T is restless in restaurants or waiting rooms, I let her play with the games and have an instantly docile daughter.

Debz said...

It will interesting to read all the comments....I have a Blackberry and am wondering what would be the best to have with us in China when we go.

I'm liking that you can download the new version on the old one...very handy info.

Have a wonderful week,

Waiting for LSC and TA!

Colleen said...

I didn't buy the new one but I uploaded the new software. It has some cool features : ) I do like my iphone.

Johnny said...

I still like mine. The calendar tool is almost worthless to me because I don't use compatible calendar programs at home and work - so I can't sync those entries with my iPhone.

I've read that the battery life is better on the 3GS, and that's worth it. I have to charge my phone almost every day.

I don't use the 3G option very often, actually. When I'm away from WiFi and I need to surf the web, then I turn it on and the battery strength monitor starts dipping quickly and the back of the phone starts heating up.

Although not directly related to your issue, this might be interesting:

Dita said...

oh, I'm dying for one...let me know if its as wonderful as they all say it is!

Marsha Cruce said...

Cara thinks we all need one. And she should be first. Carl got last year's model for his birthday and has taken to it like a duck to water. Today he needed to replace a plumbing part that he had never bought before so he whipped out the iphone and took a picture of the part to take with him to Lowe's. His idea, not mine. He isn't always one to embrace technology but he likes his iphone. I say go for it!Marsha