Friday, May 15, 2009

With Greatest Respect To All Mother Bears

Prudence tells us it's not wise to mess with a mother bear. More so, it is wiser to never mess with mother bear's cub!

Dear Alyzabeth,

It was eight months ago tomorrow you were placed in your mother’s arms. I remember that day so well. And not just because you cried so incredibly loud and grieved so inconsolably, which I should tell you, broke every heart helplessly witnessing your numbing fear and anger.

You may laugh one day at how I am about to describe your mother on that day eight months ago. I hope you do. I pray the laugh is filled with a daughter’s understanding and an unquestioned acceptance of a Mother’s love. Forever committed to my memory is the sight and sound of your mom instantly transforming into what I can only describe as your “mother bear.” Knowing your mom as we do, you will appreciate her (lack of) fondness at being described as such. Still, I was there to see her arms tightly wrapped around you, the tears streaming down her face, knowing that from that moment on your mom would always be there to Protect. Provide. Sacrifice. To LOVE you.

The thought ran through my head, “pity the poor fool who attempts to ever harm you, for they will have your mom to answer to.” Mr. T would have been proud and equally afraid. I will leave it to you to look Mr. T up on the Internet someday to better understand :)

I asked your mother the other day if the past eight months had past slowly or fast? The easy answer is to say time has flown by. In actuality. It has been both. Our time with you is measured not in months but in moments. The moment we first held you. The moment you first reached for us. The moment we first heard Mama and Da Da.

Nan Min Hua. Your name invoked beautiful flower and each day your mom and I share in the beauty of watching new petals unfold.

The calendar will say we held you for the first time on September 16, 2008. True enough but our hearts held you long before that. So many love you Alyzabeth yet none more so than Your mother bear who watches over you.

And will, Forever and Ever…



Suzie said...

Absolutely beautiful! AA has come a long way since she was first placed in the arms of her mother and it has been a pleasure to watch all of you get to know each other.

Jboo said...

What a sweet post! Your little AA has really blossomed in the last 8 months, hasn't she! Have a fun weekend!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVED this post...
A mother will always protect thier young ones..
Happy 8 months..
AA is amazing ....Perfect little girl for a perfect family.... so HAPPY for you...

Kristy said...

And what a beautiful day it was....I remember it like it was yesterday.

Love, Kristy

Ivy said...

Wow, what a great post from Daddy!

Brought amazing memories back for me too. I think we all will remember our gotcha days forever:))

Happy gotcha day and a belated Happy Mother's Day!


Dita said...

Ford, you silver tongued devil, you.....

You bring tears to my eyes when you speak of Aly and AA (and the rest of your family as well!). You are such a beautiful really should consider sharing this gift with the world. I know many of us have said it before but I will say it again...please consider authoring a book!

Loved this post!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post to my wonderful daughter and mother of my granddaughter by my SIL whose patience and love always shine through. My vision is blurry, but I'm sure it is allergies from the glorious spring trees blooming and not from your post.

OziMum said...

I especially love your last paragraph.

So so true.

mumma to many said...

I love the sentiment and yes I can sence that Daddy Bear may be just as protective too!
Hugs Ruth in NZ

Sophia's Mama and Baba said...

That is one of the most beautiful post I have ever read. You captured not only your feels about AA but I am sure many of ours about our children..Many Congrats on a wonderful 8 months together.


Ruth and Brian said...

Oh my goodness Ford! What an incredible letter that captures just a fraction of the incredibleness of a mother's love, Alyson's love for AA!

Indeed we did sit back and watch with fear and bewilderment while Alyzabeth grieved and Alyson walked alongside her. That feeling of utter helplessness we felt in wanting/desiring so much for you both to experience the warmth of Alyzabeth's heart, yet she wasn't quite ready yet. BUT how blessed each of us were to watch Alyzabeth blossom with each and every new day with you guys.

She is such a beautiful little girl with such a wonderfully loving Mama Bear! :0)

Much love,
Ruth & family

a Tonggu Momma said...

What a beautiful love letter to both your wife and daughter, Ford. And yes, Alyson was an example to all of us during that transition time. I won't call her a mother bear because - while you can get away with it - I don't know her well enough to get a pass. But I did love watching the journey. Y'all handled it beautifully.

Truly Blessed said...

OMW Ford...that's just beautiful!

m said...

Haven't been by lately. Stopped by today and had a good cry after reading this post. Great find on your kitchen! Now the girls will have chichens wherever they go.