Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Breakfast Crowd

AA's breakfast is never a solitary affair. Oh no, baby girl takes her sweet time gathering what she will need before settling down for a little Dora or Barney or Kipper or Elmo dvd action.

Today she brought some spare dvd's. A calculator. Her cell phone. A book. Her boa and of course, we never have breakfast without her bed mate, Elmo.
And with that we polished off our milk, oatmeal with bananas and fresh watermelon. I wonder who and what will be coming for breakfast tomorrow? One just never knows.

BTW: Dora was the featured attraction this morning... :)


Debz said...


Wendy said...

How funny!!! And too cute for words I might add! :o) I wonder if I can get Cat to eat more if we let her watch a dvd during breakfast? She is not much of an eater right now.

amy said...

soooo sweet

Ruth and Brian said...

Abigail is NUTS about Elmo - especially "Mr Noodle" which she so eloquently pronounces "Mr. Noody"!

Ruth & gang

Pug Mama said...

the boa made me crack up - she is so funny!!!!

Nina said...

Awww, so cute. A girl's gotta have her cell phone and her boa!!

Dita said...

The BOA....oh, Ford, you're in TROUBLE in a few years!

Looks like Daddy's well under control in the AM. You should see the pandemonium over here in the AM. I think I need a few pointers!

Vivian M said...

Elmo and Dora were Kerri's favorite too. Next came Max and Ruby!