Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Strolling....

Weekend Photos: We had a great Saturday at the beach at Grand-Livi's birthday party and Sunday we strolled our neighborhood.... with stroller, baby doll and Salty Dog in tow... (sorry no pictures of Salty Dog).
We needed to get some fresh air after watching the end of the NASCAR race and "OUR" guy, Carl Edwards, crashed on the last lap and got out of his burning car (which flew apart, disintegrated and eight fans were injured) and ran on foot to the finish line. How depressing!
There was some good news with the Red Sox and Yankees series!

Top photo: If she bent over we would see the plummer's butt view; her shorts are a little big and about fell down several times on our walk. Why is it that most of her clothes are too small or just a little too large? Most of the pictures I took have her baggy shorts lower than they should be. So we giggled alot and pulled them up frequently.

Every few minutes she cuts loose and runs around her stroller; I have to remind her to take care of baby doll!
Almost dark and she tries to stroller across the lawn... Ahhhhh, another great day in paradise!


Melissa said...

Have I mentioned this comment before:Dad would be proud of AA!! He always told me to go play on the yellow line or go play in traffic! AA listens!! haha

Love to you all!
Mel In getting warmer Maine & it was 74 @ the lake yesterday!!!

Dita said...

What a personality she has...I love that she keeps her sunglasses on all the time.

She gets more beautiful every single day!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love the photos..
AA is soooo happy..
Have a great week..