Friday, April 03, 2009

Dear Leaa & Jesse... You Did Well

This is Alivia or more affectionately known in the family as Liv or Livi...
The photo was taken by her daddy's momma. I was visiting Marsha's blog, Yo Muther's Blog, and had to share this photo of my (our) granddaughter :)
She is so beautiful and has the unbridled personality we all wish we possessed.

Love you Livi girl...


Leaa said...

Make me cry why don't you! Thank you for loving Liv and the personality that makes her who she is. love you-
Leaa and Jesse

PIPO said...

A beauty, indeed.

It seems we are watching her grow up on your blog. So quickly she became a young lady rather than a baby.

Lisa~~ said...

What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Livi is so precious. We all know what a little beauty she is, and how active she is. I congratuate her grandmother who has a real talent with her camera.
I would love that picture to hang on my wall. What beautiful grand and great-grandchildren I have. I am blessed. Nana A