Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Sooner - The Safer

We've just recently enrolled AA in the International water safety program known as ISR or Infant Swimming Resource. Her lessons will begin within the next few weeks.

ISR is not a learn to swim program per se. Borrowing from the organization:
Unlike other programs, ISR combines safe swimming lessons with self-rescue skills that teach your baby to survive in the water. Once your child has mastered self-rescue skills, then they are ready to learn how to enjoy the water safely and comfortably.

If you live on or near water, have a family pool or ever have reason to think you may be around water with your little one, PLEASE consider checking into a safety program such as ISR. Many local Y's have certified trainers offering the course along with numerous private instructors scattered throughout the country.

We encourage and sincerely hope you will use and SHARE the above link to learn more about ISR and to check for a program in your area.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The New Bike Trailer

Craig's list is great!
We found this great bike trailer. It is wonderful and AA looks like a princess on parade in it! Dada and AA were kind to demonstrate to Mama what she misses out on while she works.

Climbing in.....

Slow to sit and buckle up! (pretty pink dress was sent to AA by her Auntie-M - Thanks!!).

We're off!

Cruising around the circle drive so Mama can take pictures: (little blurry - sorry, still learning)

I like having a chauffeur!

Slight Princess parade wave:

End of the ride... "Dada, hold these" (the sunglasses finally come off)!

Much fun!! Can't wait to take it to the beach!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Strolling....

Weekend Photos: We had a great Saturday at the beach at Grand-Livi's birthday party and Sunday we strolled our neighborhood.... with stroller, baby doll and Salty Dog in tow... (sorry no pictures of Salty Dog).
We needed to get some fresh air after watching the end of the NASCAR race and "OUR" guy, Carl Edwards, crashed on the last lap and got out of his burning car (which flew apart, disintegrated and eight fans were injured) and ran on foot to the finish line. How depressing!
There was some good news with the Red Sox and Yankees series!

Top photo: If she bent over we would see the plummer's butt view; her shorts are a little big and about fell down several times on our walk. Why is it that most of her clothes are too small or just a little too large? Most of the pictures I took have her baggy shorts lower than they should be. So we giggled alot and pulled them up frequently.

Every few minutes she cuts loose and runs around her stroller; I have to remind her to take care of baby doll!
Almost dark and she tries to stroller across the lawn... Ahhhhh, another great day in paradise!

Birthday & Beach Pictures

Mommy and AA....
Our youngest granddaughter's birthday party was held at the beach. We had great weather, not too hot. Daughter LMC, set up tents and all the food was right on the beach so everyone could enjoy visiting all between the water and food.

Grand-Kilee jumping in the waves.

Son, JK with our Grand-Kilee.

Playing in the sand with birthday girl (on left).

We left after just two hours as we wanted to keep AA on her nap schedule. Helps make the rest of the day a happy day!! We didn't see birthday girl, Livi open her gifts.....

Friday, April 24, 2009

Cora's Homemade Dresses

We have followed this family for quite a while. Enjoying their two blogs with their adoption one called Waiting 4 Little Miss What's Her Name!

They are adopting from the African country of Burundi while waiting to adopt their daughter from China, LID 04/25/07.
Cora is now sewing the cutest dresses. Check them out!

Of course, I first read about them at Kim B.'s blog...... She's always up on the latest news!

Another great place to buy the best ever little girls clothes is at Red Thread Stitches....of Hope. We love her dresses too. Just buy homemade and support these great families!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Two Park Day!

We haven't reviewed a new park in awhile so with last Saturday's fine weather, still a little cool for our area (OK, yes, it was in the 70's) and with a strong spring breeze; it was lovely for exploring!
We chose Stockton Park, on Ortega Boulevard and right on riverfront property then went to Stinson Park on San Juan Avenue and also, on the riverfront.

Entrance to park. There are many parking spots but I wouldn't call it "ample" parking.

Beautiful river views!
Wonderful pavilion and seating "in the round".
I just love the way she holds onto my finger!

Don't worry if you see these crazies standing on one leg... pretending to be a Flamingo Bird?

Mama didn't get out of the picture in time.....
Stockton Park was lovely but definitely set up for the adult crowd. It is small, with manicured grounds, picnic tables, park benches. There is NO playground equipment except for a very out of the way small swing set. No restrooms. Great river view and fishing. Many of the families were there just for the public access to the river for fishing. It looks like the neighborhood is trying to discourage that too due to no amenities. Overall, a lovely place to have a picnic and enjoy the river. We won't go back to "play".

Very little parking considering the size is larger than Stockton Park. Also a local favorite place to enjoy family gatherings.

This is the view looking north, across the street. Jacksonville skyline in the horizon.
Water fountain.... good to have.... covered in a nice central location.
Did you notice the water facet just for the four legged crowd (and dog bowl)?
Almost a substitute for the beach!
A great dock but the sign says no docking and no fishing! Huh??????
Good playground equipment but not for little ones. The step spacing and the height makes it impossible for AA to enjoy unless I am lifting her often.
We did slide and use the swing but overall, a beautiful park, just not for us right now. If we lived closer, it would be in her future!
Again, no restrooms so long term playing there is out.
Overall, neither park is really what we are looking for as a regular hang out. We continue to go almost daily to the Green Cove Springs, Spring Park which has most of the features we want for AA. If and when we find one in Jacksonville, we will probably start a playgroup (I don't think most of our families with children will make the drive south to our area). AA is still shy with crowds and is extremely upset if one of us is not in view. She plays much better with other children once she has time to "warm up" to them. She is not speaking in a manner that most 2.5 - 3 years old can understand her so we have more language skills to improve. With AA progressing and gradually catching up to her age group, play dates will be in our near future.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gardening 101

This past weekend, we enjoyed more moderate weather (it was HOT in the sun...) and worked at a cemetery to clean up the graves of our former dear neighbors. Must get ready for Memorial Day!
We also dug up some free impatiens in the yard to use in our front porch containers. These impatiens do not usually make it through our freezing weather (yes, we have about 10 - 14 days each winter that get FREEZING!). These are free in the yard as they seem to pop up and spread quite easily throughout the warmer seasons.

Note the bird bath stand without the "bath" part (broke in a storm).

Background: The yard is a mess from having a new septic system put in (tank, drainage field, pump... all the $$$ stuff!!). I think we will wait until fall to finish the sod and landscaping.... probably just die this summer if I did anything now... we are TERRIBLE yard keepers!

Her beautiful aqua bow is from Sara bows.... love buying them and with AA's hair growing out... we need lots!! We won the spring collection (how lucky can you get!!). Please patronize her boutique!

We are finished?????

She is so precious..... I just can't say how much we are blessed.. we never imagined it would be this good... God is good to us! ........ Next best thing would be to live closer to my family in Maine, the Missouri-Illinois family and even closer to our two grown "kids". We have a great extended family in St. Augustine and Palatka (Florahome counts at Palatka - right?) Florida.... Just wish we could see them every day!