Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Pictures of Alyzabeth

This weekend and through Tuesday, we have much planned so I was trying on some of AA's cute clothes for her to wear.
This is a sundress bought by SAHD at Target. AA was so engrossed in trying to talk on her phone, that modeling has taken a back seat!

We purchased a stick pony for AA as her niece (our Grand #2) has one. This horse is a bit top heavy (for ages 3+, so we are a little early) and makes wonderful horsey noises when you squeeze his ear (driving us nuts, cute horse, but big mistake!).
There may be better products out there but we couldn't seem to find any in stock (the Melissa & Doug brand seems to be out of stock everywhere).

Notice Elmo hanging on for dear life?

Happy little girl, even though riding a horse in a dress is not recommended. After I tried the dress on her, she didn't want to take it off, of course!

Elmo didn't make the corner..... no seat belt on this ride!

Giddy Up!

Back to the topic of trying on clothes.... very sadly we must admit that the "Kimberly" dress we love so much and given by our Secret Buddy, Kim B. is too small for AA, too tight around the mid-sections. If you know this dress, the elastic back is pulled tight on AA.
We tried it on our granddaughter over a year ago and she wore it part of one day and AA has had it on twice just to try on. We were waiting for the warm spring weather that is here now....
Really no wear on it. What to do? We love the dress (and she continues to love her phone!).

Referral Rumors?
With April 1st almost here, where are the referral rumors? I didn't realize when we started this adoption journey that we would still be following many families with LID's after ours. Just didn't know the wonderful people we would meet. We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Forever Families matched in February 2006, now are hoping for the best for those waiting with March LID's; pray for large batches!


redmaryjanes said...

Oh, she is just so darling! I am sad that her Kimberley dress doesn't fit her. Sophia's is a 2T and I am worried that hers will be too small too.
Thank you for being a part of my shower, you are the very best!

Pug Mama said...

She is just simply stunning. Too bad the dress is too small. It is darling.
and YES YES YES make it a BIG batch. I am so sick and tired of waiting. I had a dream it was only a one day batch - they only matched March 7th (we are March 8th)
I just want to know........

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

SAHD did a great job picking out that cute!! So is Kim' is ashame it is a little too small. AA is the most adorable model:)

Hope you all enjoy your Sunday and yes, where are those referrals? So many friends that are so close....I want to see them get their babies....bring em on!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love the outfits... I think the Kimberley dress fits
I am sooo sorry.. wish I could fix it..
I sure hope that they send out a HUGE batch..or at least a couple..
Come on..Bring on Isabella..
Have a great week..

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures. She looks grand. And that second dress is awesome. Where did you get it?

Cora said...

Ahh so sweet! love the clothes and too bad the dress is too tight it looks adorable on her as does the dress daddy bought. Great find!

Alyson and Ford said...

The dress is handmade by
Go to her products and scroll down a very long way to get to the halter dresses, this one is the "Kimberley" dress; but you can get it in different fabrics. We love her homemade dresses/outfits. She has recently returned home with her new daughter, Mia Hope.


T n' W said...

Don't you just love dressing them up. Just bought Sophie the Target dress a few weeks ago.(different color) Along with her Easter Dress. They've got great stuff. The Kimberly dress though I must say is awesome.

Liene said...

The dress is really cute. Too bad it's now too small for her. That really bites.

Already hogging the phone I see. So does that mean she'll get her own line when she's old enough?

Sorry I haven't been around much. We've got our own thing going on here. Looking forward to heading to Daytona Beach on Thursday for 4 days of fun in the sun.

Diana said...

I would sell the dress on your blog..the money made goes to AA to buy a bigger dress:)
I have seen other blogs auction things off.
AA is just adorable!!!

Kaylen said...

she really is darling!!
I love the pics on the horse, she looks so happy.

PIPO said...

AA is just so beautiful and it radiates from the inside. I don't think I've seen a single picture of that little girl be anything less than amazing.

Love that little dress. Yeah, I would say trying to do sidesaddle with a stick pony won't fly too well ;0)

Colleen said...

She is adorable!!!! SAHD did a great job picking out that cute dress. Too bad the other dress is too small it's adorable!!!!
I'm hoping CCAA sends a HUGE batch this time around!!!

OziMum said...

Firstly, LOVE the dress in the last pics (I did try to order one, but she said she was on a break.. bummer!)

Secondly... holy cow!!! AA looks like such a little lady!!! She's looking all grown up, all of a sudden!!! From the first time I saw AA, I thought she is one of the most mesmerising little girls I've ever seen... she hasn't lost it!

Mike said...

Those photos are keepers.


Twitter: AboutParenting

Brian and Melinda said...

She just keeps getting prettier every day. Looks like she likes the horse and the phone. We enjoy looking at the pictures you post. Keep them coming.

Gail said...

A beautiful model and real adorable dresses!
I also have many beautiful clothes that Abby will not be able to wear.

AA looks like the horse was a hit.
Elmo on the other hand...

Vivian M said...

The dresses are very pretty. Who says you can't ride a horse wearing a dress, sheesh?

Mia said...

I love Melissa and Doug! Sorry, you couldn't find their pony.

AA is beautful and is full of life!

Auntie Mia