Tuesday, March 10, 2009

To The Waiting Dad's

I thought of you today.

I thought of you as I sat in my kitchen and a little voice from across the room sharply called out:
I thought of you. I thought of what you are going through. All the while, Strong. Encouraging. Supportive.
I thought of you as I rose from my seat. As I lifted that little voice up for a hug. A kiss.
I thought of you and how your heart will melt. How the very fiber of your soul will tingle. All because of one little word.
I thought of you today. As I hugged my little one for you. As I kissed my little one for you.
I thought of you today. I thought of what you will hear. How strength mirrors tenderness.

I thought of you today.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

That is a WONDERFUL post Ford..
I sooo can not wait to hear Isabella say Dad... John will LOVE every moment..
Love AA little outfit..
Have a great week..

Linda said...

Great post. I was watching Lauren in the house looking out the window and waving to her BaBa and calling him and thinking how wonderful that sight was. It is indescribable to see a man become a Dad and accept the love a girl can give her Dad. We always think of the Mom, but the Dad's deserve a look and acknowledgment also. Linda

Dita said...

Ford, you always manage to bring a tear to my eye with your sweet tender words.

I imagine Aly has a box full of the most amazing letters and notes from you over the years!

tyler said...

That was so sweet! My dh is not a waiting dad now but when I showed him the poem his face just smiled!


Jboo said...

That is the sweetest post!! It does not get a whole lot better than seeing a Dad and his little girl together!


Pug Mama said...

This got me all teary eyed.
Going to show this to my husband tonight!!!

Briana's Mom said...

Sniff! Beautiful!

Michelle said...

That is so sweet. I'm going to read this to my husband when he gets up.

That outfit is precious. Love it.

P.S. yes, it is almost noon where I am posting this from. He works the overnight shift and sleeps during the day :)

Sophia's Mama and Baba said...

This is the sweetest post I have ever seen. I know just how you feel I think about the waiting families every day when I look at my beautiful girl...They have so much to look forward to...


Catherine said...

What a beautiful gift you have just given to all those waiting Dad's out ther Ford!! Thank you!!!

Vivian M said...

Loved this post. My hubby refused to invest emotionally until we were in China. In his words, he would not believe it until his daughter was in his arms and the papers were signed. It finally hit him that he was going to be a Daddy on the plane ride there.

Kristy said...

Ford I just read this post to my husband Frank and he was just standing there with no words. He is not a talker like I am but he just looked at me and I knew exactly what was going thru his mind. He was thinking of all the times he has heard the word Dad and how much he loves hearing it, but I know also when he looked at me , he was thinking.....SOON VERY SOON.

Thank you for this post, I absolutely loved it.
Love, Kristy