Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thankful For.....

Every once in a while, I run across a blog with daily themes, like "Wordless Wednesday", Fhoto Fun Friday...etc.
I saw the "Thankful Sunday" post at "Our Life Upstate" and it reminded me that I had not been thankful (publicly) and needed to count my blessings. I frequently say "Alyzabeth is a blessing" but what do I really mean?
Since adopting our youngest daughter, we are thankful for:

AA sleeping through the night and taking her afternoon naps!
AA occasionally sleeping in an extra hour in the morning until 7:00 a.m. (why did I bring up sleep, first and second on this list? :)
AA's beautiful smile;
AA tapping her feet, hopping, squealing and twirling all at the same time when I arrive home from work at night;
DH who is retired and being our SAHD;
DH for grocery shopping, meal planning, cooking and still surprising me each night with his talk about how cooking helps him relax;
AA sliding at the park on her own now... we wait at the bottom, but she doesn't need our guiding hand to see her off now.... :(
AA's kisses at night, at bedtime she kisses and kisses us nite-nite;
AA's hugs;
Grateful for our long term planning we have done to take care of our children, all three;
All the wonderful gifts we have received for AA, recently a huge doll house and a wooden puzzle box; both from our church families;
I am thankful for the fact that we have choices in where we live, our comfortable home, our jobs and yes, even the economy, as it will make us stronger and wiser;
I am thankful when I wash in a hot shower with clean water, there are so many families in the world that do not have this basic luxury.
We have so much "stuff", too many "things"; I look forward to selling or giving away our "extras".

I also saw this giveaway (has ended) and it again reminded me of why I need reminders "in my face" so that I will act in a thankful and loving way. These vinyl wall art at Sticky Words look really great and so many to choose from.

Have a wonderful week! See you at the Seventh Diamond Baby Shower on Saturday hosted by Kim B.!


a Tonggu Momma said...

I love your list. And I love that all of these things happen for you. Especially AA's hugs and kisses.

And this is an excellent reminder that, no matter our financial circumstances in this country (or Canada), we are all so, so blessed to live here. We are all wealthy - we have clean water!

Suzie said...

What a great list! Sometimes we forget about how lucky we truly are. Thanks for reminding me :o)

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

What an AMAZING post..
Love it..
I am so Thankful to have met you in blogland..
Have a great week..
Can't wait for Sat..

Jboo said...

What a sweet post and good reminders for me too! Have a great week!


Melissa said...

I am THANKFUL for YOU & my Florida family!

Anonymous said...

Amen and Amen, Alyson! So thankful for your friendship and your beautiful family! Looking forward to hooking up with you all eventually!

Melissa S.

PIPO said...

Great post - it feels so good to remember and give thanks.

I, for one, send a repeating 'Amen' to being thankful about sleep!

rubyiscoming said...

Lovely post, my friend :)

Dita said...

Beautiful list, my friend. I am so happy that you have AA in your lives and your other wonderful children and grands. I know that feeling when you get in from work and they just go crazy....lately, that is my impetus just to go to work...so that I can come home and get THAT!


Kayce said...

Such a great list of thankfulness! You all are so very blessed!