Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday Fashion Show

We unpacked some goodies for AA that came in the mail (a separate post later this week on the gifts we received) and a L.L. Bean dress bought for AA (don't tell the "grands" that we bought similar dresses for them so that all summer long we can have the trio looking like triplets!).

AA sees me with the camera and runs or turns away... think she is tired of me asking her to "say cheese"?????
I hope it is a phase, as it is very difficult to get great pictures of her when she is truly a natural giggling little girl!

The back of her new summer dress:
Matching headband... a change from all the bows and clippies!
Maybe it won't stay on very long!

Now to really stir the pot....... on a Sunday no less!!!
When we made up the weird spelling up for AA's name, changing Elizabeth into Alyzabeth, the intent was to nickname her "Lizzy". DH didn't really like that for a nickname but we marched onward thinking he would eventually have a special "Daddy" name for her. Like Peanut. Squirt. Lil'Sweetie.... you know those cute names that Daddy's come up with.

You all know that my name begins with "Aly" too (dah...) and I never was called "Aly" until DH started that as a way to call me something different than my name I use and my nickname at work (since we worked at the same place)..... So I became "Aly" to friends and family over the past 23+ years.
Guess what DH wants to call our little daughter? ALY!
After I have told everyone that Alyzabeth was to be pronounced just like "Elizabeth" just with a slight "Ah" at the beginning instead of "E".
I have refrained from calling her Lizzy as we wanted to make sure she knew her new name and lessen any confusion.... so I have evolved from calling her Alyzabeth to "Ah-Liz" or "Ah-Lizzy-Beth".

So what do I become? Big Aly? Big Al? I don't think I like this one bit!!!

Give DH the what for in your comments please!


Melissa said...

To me, not remembering or fully knowing "Nana-Lizzy" in my younger years, Lizzy id adorable. I love Alyzabeth An. In my opinion(which really shouldn't mattr-and doesn't to most) it should be the name you two want & love & agree on.
Ah-lizzy-beth is cool too, but way to much for even me to remember. Instead of changing yor name, how about Lizzy-beth. The "AH" just seems a bit much, even to spell if she wants that?!? Not sure.
Again, it's what you want.
Dad called me Peanut for a reason(remind me why--NOT) and this was his nic-name & no one else called me that, well Carl E did & Cuz. Also Dad came up w/ATW's nic name too, Peanut Jr @ 1st & then was Papa's-pal, and again, it was he who made the name.
The decision, altimetly, it yours.
Mel in Maine

Joannah said...

Ford, I'm sure you know the old adage: Happy wife = happy life...


Alyzabeth is simply enchanting in her new spring couture!

Don and Be said...

AA is ready for the runway! Cue the music, please.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

You have a model in the making there....loved her little fashion show:)

I am with Joannah...happy wife equals happy life!!


Margaret M said...

So cute. She is adorable! The funny thing about terms of endearment is you just can't predict them....they really come from the heart. You can tell how much your husband loves both of his girls!

Sam said...

Hmmm...Just don't start calling her "Junior", okay? The double-Aly-thing would be really confusing. What about Lizabeth or Lizzy-Beth? Good luck!

BTW, Ford? Ummm...don't tick of the wife! You do have to sleep sometime!!!

Colleen said...

Look at her walk the cat walk!!!whoo hoo!!!!
This reminds me of that song "You can call me Al". Ok maybe only I remember that song LOL
My dh calls my daughter's Lump and Stink...nice huh : )

3 Peanuts said...

She looks so cute. Love the headband!

Jboo said...

What a cute dress!! She is so adorable!!

Maybe you should come up with a totally different name now -- I know, confuse everyone even more! I have a cousin named Elizabeth and half of us call her Libby (her growing-up nickname) and her hub and his family all call her Liz or Lizzy! Luckily, she answers to both!
Have a fun week!

Anonymous said...

AA is adorable! Love Aly, but Lizzy is less heard I think, either is very cute!

Cora said...

She is so cute in that dress and headband. Her hair has grown a ton since her referral pic. Love it!
On the nick name, I love Liz or Lizzy and Libby would be cute too.
I agree Aly might be a bit confusing since her name is not pronounced that way at all.

Good Luck,

Don and Be said...

Is there a Chinese term of endearment (dim sum, dumpling, chopsticks etc) that could work?
Or how about "Aly An"?
Lately, we've been calling JMei "Sweet 'n Sour".

Ivy said...


Cute post!


Alyson and Ford said...

For the record...

I call her Alyzabeth. I love the name Alyzabeth. I love the spelling. We have caught minor flack over the spelling and pronunciation. Saying Ah, as opposed to E does not represent a major challenge to my way of thinking but I understand some folks struggles. (I have a sister named Mia. How do you pronounce Mia? Mee-a or My-a)
At times, I am certain I will call AA by both names, especially during those times when I am determined to make a point. Much as my mother would do with me :)

I called Alyzabeth's older sister "peaches" and "baby girl" as she grew up. I still do to this day. Eventually, I am certain a pet name will develop for AA. All in good time. And. On occasion, I will no doubt call her Aly. I confess to having my reasons.

Yet for now. She is simply Alyzabeth. And a fine name it is. Resulting in what I believe will be far fewer questioning looks and inquisitive comments, than say, someone who goes by the name Ford... :)

btw: Mia pronounces her name My-a

Tracy R said...

As mom to an Elizabeth I thought I'd weigh in.
When she first came to us (domestic adoption) she was nine weeks old and teeny tiny, so we started calling her Little Bit. Sometimes we still do, but I really wanted to call her Elizabeth. When she was three she told us all her name was Lizzie (something we'd never really called her) and that was that. Now she's Lizzie!
Alyzabeth may well choose her own nickname! And I'm sure it will be every bit as cute as she is!!

Dita said...'s my word to Ford.....

ARE YOU CRAZY??? AA is not Aly...only Aly is Aly!

How 'bout Lyz?

I'm about to break into song...Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch......

Vivian M said...

I love both your names :o) so I am no help!

Alyson and Ford said...


Yes... On more occasions than I care to admit :)