Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Photos - Weekend Fun!

It would be hard to top the Chinese New Year Celebration family photos from this past Saturday night but I did take some other photos of AA on Saturday and Monday. While I had Monday off from work AND it reached 73 degrees here (yahoo!!) we went driving about and ended up on the beach at St. Augustine. Such a beautiful day! Windows down while driving!

Pictures from Saturday - she still loves to pose!

I asked her to stand on the dining room chair and she did, then proceeded to sit on the table for more posing.... she's getting to be a real ham!

She melts our hearts!!

From Monday's Travels: We stopped at the Merry-go-round and AA looked skeptical! She would not sit on the horse during the ride so I got to hang onto her and the horse! After playing at the playground for a while (lots of sliding!) she wanted to ride on the horse a second time. We selected a smaller one that still went up and down and she seemed to enjoy it but hung on tight!

Two different slides: a tunnel and a roller slide (like the type of rollers used to move packages on a conveyor or the output side of the carry on luggage scanner at airports!). It made for a bumpy and slippery slide!
We had a great conversation with two families visiting from Gainesville celebrating a birthday. They were very nice, inquired with many thoughtful questions about adoptions. Who knows, maybe they have more children in their future.

A short walk on the beach; it was a little cool with the ocean breeze. There were many people sunbathing! (must be from Michigan, Maine or Canada!!)
AA has on her Patriots Football jersey given by her Auntie-M!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Looks like a BEAUTIFUL Weekend..
LOVE the photos of AA.. she is soooo pretty..
Love those sunglasses...
Have a great week..

amy said...

what a beautiful girl

a Tonggu Momma said...

What a fun weekend! And I have heard that St. Augustine is beautiful (one of the teens from our small group ended up at Flagler).

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

It has been a while since dropping by... life is crazy but mostly with work etc I have been going to get carpet etc since we are getting closer to our LID I am starting to get things done around the house... sorry it has been a while but AA is looking so gorgeous and certainly growing...

Suzie said...

Looks like fun! I'm loving the warmer weather finally! St. Augustine is one of my favorite places.

Donna said...

Beautiful photos!

Looks like you're busy but if you have a minute, I'm tagging you! See my blog....

Our blog: Double Happiness!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

You know I love seeing her in that Patriots Jersey....too cute:)

Sounds like you had a great weekend.....beautiful pictures of your beautiful girl!!


Vivian M said...

I love St. Augustine, it is one of our stops when we go down to visit South Florida (except I hit the outlet mall instead of the beach!).
Love the pictures, AA is truly a beauty!

Catherine said...

I can't believe how quickly your little AA is growing up! I think her new look without the bangs adds to it. She's absolutely adorable and the way she likes to pose is so cute!

Park and slide time is lots of fun!

Laughed at your comment about the beach. I'm guessing they might be Canadians for sure! Sunday when we were at the beach M3, Ro and Ree were in winter coats with hoods and scarves and this crazy Canadian was in a light sweater and enjoying the 'warmth.' We do get a little sun and warmth crazy this time of year!

Dita said...

I love seeing this little angel posing for the camera!
The photo of Aly and AA on the carosel with their sunglasses on...PRICELESS!

Colleen said...

What a great weekend and the pictures are so adorable!!!! That beach is looking so good right now...I have the winter blues big time!

m said...

She melts our hearts too. Glad your weekend was fun. Looks like it would be!

Ivy said...


Looks like she is staring to enjoy getting her photos taken. That's good, because AA is a photographers dream!

Sounds like fun on the Merry Go Round!

We'll be getting our cold weather back in the am.

let's chat soon.



Gail said...

She is a beauty!
Looks like a beautiful day, I am jealous!! We had a day where the temp reached 51 and I thought that was marvelous!

Your CNY party looked like fun.
Its always nice to see the babies and how much they have grown.

PIPO said...

She is one adorable little hambone!

Looks like it was a pretty day to enjoy outdoors.