Thursday, January 01, 2009

Toxic Melamine - Not Just Baby Formula!

A CCAI group message from One More Day to Forever: Toxic Melamine, talks about melamine in farm raised fish from China.

Here's a second article from November 2008.
This article from 2007 states that water pollution, pesticides and illegal drugs are poisoning the water; this 2007 article states that China has exported many products to the USA with toxic chemicals!

What is true and what will be next?
Do you know where your fresh and frozen fish's originating source is?
How will 2009 play out with China's food poisoning issues?


a Tonggu Momma said...

Yet another reminder for everyone to GO TEST YOUR CHILDREN if they've come home after 2005. A urinalysis isn't too difficult and it's worth the peace of mind. Thanks Alyson and Ford for spreading the word.

Cora said...

scary, it is so important to know where you food has come from.

Dawn said...

Very scary!! I saw a news report that showed eggs in China that are still in the shell were contaminated with melamine too.


Liz and Ava said...

FYI-Kids have tested positive for kidney stones(melamine stones)by ultra sound that came home before 2005 that had normal urinalysis, normal renal blood work and no symptoms.
There is a yahoo group: chinamilkissues that has a ton of info, articles, statistical data base with results of their kids testing, just in case you wanted to join.
Melamine has also been found in poultry, eggs...go read all the files...lots of info.

Vivian M said...

Kerri just had to go through many tests because of this. It is so sad that greed causes some people to put lives at risk, just to make a profit. It's criminal.