Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rating the Playgrounds - Tillie Fowler Regional

Continuing our series of rating the playgrounds in our area (NE Florida), we visited a playground directly across from the Jacksonville Naval Air Station. Since this park was named for a prominent Jacksonville politician, Tillie K. Fowler, we expected a very nice park. This is the opposite of what we found.

Tillie K. Fowler Regional Park
We read a few reviews that stated what wonderful trails and activities were offered. None mentioned the condition of the playground equipment which is what we were there for.

We will probably put together a check sheet in order to be consistent in rating each playground. We only mention/note the other features or amenities at the park that do not pertain to the play area. Our reviews are from the usefulness of the equipment and facilities for a toddler.

These pictures show an orange cone near some of the damaged equipment, but walking up to that play area, it is not evident as to why it is there. Usually, that type of cone would signify a hole in the ground or a ground hazard. There was none that we saw.

This park had alot of damaged equipment. Some slides had a yellow rope across the top of the slides but had been ripped down just leaving a small knot of caution tape. One slide was cracked so bad a child would be easily hurt using it and there was no barricade that would prevent a child from climbing up to it.
DH and I talked about the horrible scene that could happen: a family arrives at the park, the kids run toward the play equipment, a smaller child climbs up to use the slide; the parents are just catching up or focusing on getting settled at one of the picnic tables; the child uses the broken slide..... I don't know if most parents inspect the play ground before allowing their children to start playing.
I am going to send an email to the city to let them know about their equipment and the risk of a huge liability issue.
Most of the equipment was well worn in need of painting. The toddler swing was fine for AA.
We did allow AA to use one of the other slides (she loves to slide!)......... can you tell we have on our Florida winter coats (thank you to Auntie Jean for this one)! It was cool this morning with a threat of rain.

The park itself is spacious, has many trails for people to hike and can bring dogs on leashes. There is public restrooms that we did not go in, but as we were leaving a cleaning crew arrived and went into the building.

7000 Roosevelt Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32212Will we return to this park? Nope!
We rate this Park 1 Star out of a possible 5.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Not god at all!

amy said...

yeah thats not good. looking forward to more posts like this

Dita said...

OH My...I followed along with that unwitting family coming upon the park and tragedy striking. I must admit that I never check out the equipment at the park before the kids run to it. Because of you two caped crusaders...I will never look at a park the same way again.
I'm glad that you sent an email to the authorities. I think this is a great idea that you had rating the park.

hiltonsheadeast said...

She gets more beautiful with each and every photo. Look at her blossom!! Good job mom and dad! I cannot wait to meet you guys!

Lori from Lakeland