Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gators National Champs & Gators in China

2008 College Football Championship
Florida ended the game with a 24-14 triumph over Oklahoma on Thursday in the BCS national championship game.

As I am back to work full time, I am thinking about my morning and night-time routines (I worked partial weeks through December).

We stayed up and watched the Florida Gators play and WIN the Championship Thursday night but didn't blog about it (into bed after midnight, alarm goes off at 4:30 a.m.). We were excited about the win...... so I am slacking on my writing duties, just posting about it now. A family we are following in China had time to blog about the Gator's win - check out Gators In China.

I am always very tired by Friday evening, I usually get home from work around 6:30 p.m. but worked late until 7:00 p.m. on Thursday thus not arriving home until 8:00 p.m. I spend about an hour with AA while DH prepares our dinner; AA is fed her first dinner at 5:30 - 6:00 p.m. then eats a smaller dinner with us - Did I tell you she LOVES to eat? We then eat our dinner with her (some work nights we wait until after we put her to bed, then we aren't eating dinner until after 8:30 p.m.), play some more, then I begin the pre-bedtime routine of washing up, brushing teeth, putting on PJ's, snuggling, chatting about the next days schedule with her (I talk to her, she tries to babble back), we kiss Daddy night-night, then I rock her in her dark room for a few minutes. Since she is sleeping in her big bed, I can't rock the cradle like I used to. I hum and talk and we "wind down". She then willingly is laid in bed, we do some rearranging and she's off to sleep.
So now I need to plan my days better. Right now I have correspondence to write (about 15 letters, cards and packages to mail), plans for next weekend's trip to see DH's folks (about a 4 - 5 hour drive) and lots of household chores.
How do you all manage to keep up with the house and not feel guilty when you have projects that just never get done? I still have not put together AA's 100 Good Wishes scrapbook, something that has been on my list since the end of 2006!
I have read and know every organizing tip and method but just don't do it. Plus I am not reading or exercising any more. Can I just hire a few people to organize and clean my house and hire a scrapbook coach to complete the project with me? I am interested in digital scrapbooking (which I have polled you all before on that topic) but still haven't started. Since I read many blogs every morning and answer emails, my chores won't get done if I don't change something in my routine! While AA is still sleeping in the morning, we do have to be quiet as our house is not divided into separate rooms, nor is it soundproof even while in a bedroom.

Enough rambling. We will raise a glass of good cheer, safe journeys and love to all the families going to China or are in China; especially to the McClintock's! Soon to have baby (toddler) Anna in their arms.
It is Saturday morning and usually I can meet lots of wonderful people over at Seventh Diamond, but things are changing. Check out her latest few posts.
We will also "Skype" with family this weekend, visit our kids (hopefully) and take more pictures of our adorable, happy, inquisitive daughter. We are happy, healthy and NFL football is on TV today! Yeah!
See you at the playground!


redmaryjanes said...

I adore you guys.

Suzie said...

Sounds like a crazy, wonderful life! It may take some time but I'm sure you will get it all worked out.

I look forward to seeing more pictures of your beautiful AA!

A Beautiful Mess said...

You need to hire a wife:) Personally I have been looking for a wife....someone to help me out with scheduling, cooking, cleaning, running kiddos from place to place. My husband thinks that one wife is enough.....

We have been home over a year. Still need to do Sophie's life book and 100 wishes scrap book. Would it be bad to keep her wishes in a "special beautiful box"???

Let me know if you figure something out...I could use a few tips!

Dita said...


I'm right there with you. I have always worked full time (unfortunately..for my time, but fortunately that I HAVE a job!) My journey with Anthony was rather surreal as I was working full time and literally the next day he was in my arms (with no notice at all!) and it was just the two of us. That was nearly 10 years ago. I still don't have his scrapbook together. It consists literally of scraps of paper in a pretty box with dates on them. Everything from cute sayings, weights and heights at certain ages, little bits of loving thoughts, etc. I have been planning on getting to it but life has just been speeding by. When Jade was born I was only out of work 8 weeks and only left work the week before the baby was born (on doctor's orders) so it was an awful maternity leave. I only got there and had to turn around and get back to work. This time, having DH in my life means so much and knowing that he is home with the kids by 3 or 4 in the afternoon helps ease my heart. On typical days, I don't get home until at least 7, then I cook dinner and we all eat together at 8,yep, even Jade (she has a snack at 4 or 5). I go over homework with Anthony...and let me tell you...I'm maxed out on 4th grade math by 9pm. I hated it back then and am reliving it now. Jade gets her evening bottle at 10 and sleeps in my arms until 11. I just need to look at her and feel her close after spending so many hours away from her. My big boy is usually snuggled up next to us on the couch so I can still stroke his beautiful face and continue to memorize every little change that has taken place that day.
I push it with sleep...I know I should be getting more, and I don't. I have to do lists galore. I actually have to do lists of to do lists. I commute 40 minutes each way and try to catch up on phone calls during that time.
On weekends I try to spend as much time with the kids and DH as possible but the house must get cleaned, laundry done, food shopping done, school projects, etc. I manage thought I look like a whirling dervish at times.
I still haven't done our wedding photo album with the photographer and we were married in June 2006. I already paid for it back then and I am living in fear that he will go out of business...same for the video. Its on my to do list! I too, love following several blogs and I find I look forward to them.
The bottom line is, I don't think you are lacking in organizational skills. It's TIME that is finite and that is most likely what you are realizing you are banging up against. Things won't get done now the way they did before AA was home so accepting that and finding what works for YOU is the new plan you might want to try to map out. So the 100 good wishes are not in order yet...take comfort in knowing they are all there and that that's a project that you will do when AA doesn't need so much physical attention from you. She can't understand the major significance of that wonderful gift yet so allow yourself to shelve that project for a while...heck, she might even enjoy putting it together with you in a few years and it could be a Mommy/ Daughter project you do together and it will have added significance.
AA will never be this young again and you have waited so long for her...if the house isn't in tip tip shape or an email slips through the cracks or you can't get the Christmas Cards out on time/or AT ALL (do you hear my own guilt there?) then let it go. Hold on to what really matters...AA and Ford. Enjoy every minute of them. Your family and friends will understand. You aren't letting them just have lots of rearranging to do. Manage their expectations by letting them know that you are feeling a bit overwhelmed.
The hardest part for me is learning to slow down and when I realize that I am rushing things with the kids (which DOES happen sometimes...gasp!)I catch myself and consciously remind myself that they and DH are the reasons I live for and I smile and savor the moments.
Hugs, Mama...its hard juggling it all.

LaLa said...

Come know you can cheer for us!! My sister, who lives in Gainesville, was on the front row of the end zone and we actually saw her which is fun. We usually go down for one FL game a year (NOT the Tennessee game of course since hubby is an Alum) Maybe y'all could hook up with us when we come down :)

Colleen said...

Wish I had words of wisdom for getting it all done but I don't. I have learned over the past 26 years since giving birth to my first child that life was forever longer would I be organized and efficient. I do cheat and have someone come in and clean every week. I do have a schedule that I do my best to stick too. I try to keep up with laundry by doing 100 loads a day. ; ) I have yet to organize my daughters 100 good wishes scrap book (she came home in 2005) and I still have my youngest and 4th son's high school scrap book waiting to be eat some chocolate it makes everything better : )