Monday, December 08, 2008

Homemade - Buy on Etsy!

I have been shopping through Etsy sellers for about a year. Most of these sellers have beautiful wares; I am sure if you look you will find some very unique gifts along with many homemade personal items. I mentioned some sellers here.

I would love to hear who you buy gifts from (which seller) or items you **covet** on Etsy. Please leave your top sellers list in the comments and I will link your blog and your Etsy list.
OR post on your blog and leave a comment so I can link your list here too.
Let's support these crafts people. If the seller is an adopting family, raising money for their adoption, let's designate them as our first shopping stop!

Buying on line is wonderful and if you have a PayPal account, it makes it so easy and safe/secure.
Let's finish our Christmas shopping!

LittleBeane Boutique: Bookplates, stickers, stationary.
LILASTYLE: Buy the simplest and useful, lovely book markers; these are different! I have bought from this buyer. Buy in bulk and give to all your book lovers; $ 4.00 each! Love them!
JavaJaneDesigns: Custom Letter Alphabet Letter Art on a photo, artwork features striking images of architecture and nature. Unfortunately, she is completely booked for December orders; has stopped taking orders until January 2009. So look ahead on your list of special events and order one for 2009. Unframed is $ 19.00. See photo below.

Amyyang: She makes monogram stationary and the cutest little pocket "accordion" albums for keeping photos; using a tin. I have bought the stationary and album tins; so very cute! Just glue or use photo mounts and add your photos.
MyLittleCuddleBugs: This seller makes bow holders in many personalized/monogrammed styles.
HighOnCraft: I bought the patchwork rag quilt to send in our care package to Alyzabeth; we slept with it for a month before sending. These are well made and soft; perfect for baby gift too!

Please let me know your favorites by December 12th so we will still have time to buy!

Susan at Sunflowers and Ladybugs posted about her favorite handmade shops and her Etsy favorites. Here's one I liked.... a glass pendant (pewter)... with a cupcake!
Thank you to Ivy at My Heart Beats in China - Hunan Spice for her list.
Thank you to Julie at Bless Tess for her list!
Maria, at Rubylicious Chronicles, left her us her favorites list. Mine is the little girl bracelets. Very nice, reasonably priced! Also, check out the sale on these pendants.
From Dita, at Dita's Darlings, I checked out these sellers. Yes, love the silver stamped engraved silver disks on necklaces from MamaBethBling. Too bad no more orders will be taken for Christmas delivery. At PishPoshGirls, don't you just love this dress?
Karin left us this ink to pendents made by InkyProduction, her daughter. They are beautiful and I love this one!
Julie at Precious Miracle, left a comment under the Cupcake post, she has an Etsy jewelry store called Forever Home Creations.

Next year, I am shopping early on Etsy!


Julie said...

I love Etsy. Here are a few of my favorites:

Savannah Lane Designs (hats)

Little Overcoat (clothing made from other clothes - recycled)

Harmony Wear (clothes)

Portland Beanie (more hats)

Arkitektonikia (more hats)

Karma Box (hairclips)

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I don't have any favorites.. I have not ordered much from etsy.. but I will be..
Can't wait to see what others put..
Love this post.
Have a Great Week..

Sophia's Mama and Baba said...

I had way to many so I did a post.. LOL go check them out :)

Sophia's Mama and Baba said...

OK I am totally loving this.. I just saved all of Julie's favorites to my favorites so I can look at them more but I like what I see so far.. I LOVE hats. Julie I could not get the last 2 to work...

My Heart Beats In China said...

OH I have lot's of favorites on Etsy! What a great place to shop. Unique items! I love the stationary and girls clothes. Will get back to you with a list!


My Heart Beats In China said...
Alexi's Princess Wear cute leggings
TuTu Cute baby adorable hats
Prettyinpink320 handmade totes, wristlets
Kandy Kisses girly clothes
Tickeled Pink Girls adorable clothes

All I did was hit toddler girls clothes in search and got these great sites.

Have fun shopping!

Dita said...

I love this post, Aly.

Etsy is great. I am a big fan and I love the list you've compiled thus far. I'm off to shop.

Since I am link challenged in my own blog (I only figured it out once when you tagged me and I can't remember where I put my notes) I am going to tell you the names of the vendors I frequent and leave it in your capable hands.

Please check them out...they're worth the search

Happy Babee and Beeyond
Gorgeous print bibs with minky backs that are reversible. They are only $7 and so well made. They make great gifts too

PishPoshGirls Shop
She makes the most adorable travel pillows. I use my pillow on my changing table for keeping Jade's very bouncy little head off the wood edging when she's wriggling around. I have the Oliva and bought the Ginger for a gift. She wraps them beautifully and they are so pretty. I also bought the Oliva Kate hairclips and they are so pretty on.

She makes sterling necklaces with engraved names and little jewels. I have bought so many of these for friends with the names of their names, their childrens and hubbys names too to keep close to their hearts. They are so pretty and I have seen them for double the price many places. Definitely a great personalized gift.

Maria, Sean, Ruby said...

Oh yes, ETSY rocks! A few of our faves....

-Mahmee & Ruby

Anonymous said...

I don't, or haven't shopped Esty but will be ordering a name photo after the holiday! I love it!

Thanks for sharing!

bbmomof2boys said... this post! I also don't shop a bunch at Etsy but it looks like I need to take a good look around! Thanks for the post!


Karin said...

I love the pendants my daughter makes:

She sells many here in town when people see them. They are each individually done; they are not reproductions.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post, but wanted to comment before I go down the rabbit trail!