Thursday, December 11, 2008

Development DVD's or ON-Line For AA

We are needing some advice or recommendations for on-line programs to help AA's development of the English language (or any other development skill we don't know we should be looking for).

We are using the alphabet tool on Starfall for recognition of objects, colors and sounding the alphabet. She's loves "B" the Best (Big Brown BEAR!).

What DVD's should we buy or other programs to increase her development skills?
She doesn't yet understand some games we play with her requiring matches or things alike. She does know some colors and many household objects.

Please comment!! Thank you!

Update: All your comments are great! We are excited that you came through with some great suggestions!! Thank you "Two Kayaks". Let us know what you find out (and we will check over there too!).


Two Kayaks said...

I will submit your question to Lost and Found so that others can help you out. My brother is a Speech Language Pathologist - I will try to get a hold of him to ask him for his recommendations. :)

Chinazhoumom said...

my suggestions - read to her every day- slowly and point out objects - like where is the cat in the hat sitting - right a you go thru the book - she is too little to put alot online/tv - other than maybe Sesame Street on Sprout(PBS) K still loves it...

a Tonggu Momma said...

Check out CC's blog at "If Only I Had Super Powers" for some suggestions. She's a speech language pathologist and also an adoptive momma to two (from Korea). She packs her site full of tips.

http://ifonlyihadsuperpowers. (cut and paste)

We also loved a DVD called Brainy Baby Learning English for ages 1-5. It won the ESL Teachers award a couple of years ago. The Tongginator watched that every day for about three months and loved it.

OziMum said...

When Harry was doing speech therapy, we were instructed to take photos of lots of things around home, put labels on them and put them into a little album. It worked really well, as Harry could "identify" with his own stuff!

Harry's Daycare used Babelfish, for a couple of intercountry children.

Vivian M said...

Hmm, our experience is a little different because Kerri was younger at Gotcha. I would recommend reading, you can use flash cards or make your own by taking a photo and wrtiting the name of the object underneath. has some good free games on it. We bought Kerri the Jump Start program and that was a hit. I found Kerri observed alot and understood more than we thought, but did not really talk yet so we did not know.
Hopefully you will get some great advice from Moms that have adopted toddlers...good luck and please share!

Carol and Taylor said...

I'm a huge believer in Sesame Street. They are genious'es. My T's favorites are Starfall and I think anything wherein she hears language and simple sentences, whether marketed as "learning" or not, is good. Of course, I can say that I have absolutely no credentials to base my "advice". Just my humble opinion.

I can say that I bought T that v-tech game, with different cartriges. its not so great and she doesn't really like it. I think that She prefers the better graphics of real computer games.

She also has a smart cycle with 3 different "keys". she loves it!

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

We have the Leapfrog learning series - talking words factory, etc. There's a 5-dvd set on Amazon. Olivia likes to trace letters so we work on new letters and I found some online pages I could print off traceable letters that have pictures for them. Also, we have alphabet and number placemats for her at the kitchen table. We all use the alphabet ones, but she is the only one that has the numbers one.

We bought the Fisher-Price Cool School for her hoping it keeps her attention longer than sitting still and reading does. We'll report on that after Christmas.

bleu said...

We do Click n Read from here, it is a lifetime subscription.

I also use Reader Rabbit, and then even educational games like Pajama Sam, Freddie Fish and Putt Putt

Julie said...

I'm a firm believer in reading aloud to develop the vocabulary. One FANTASTIC book to check out would be the Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease. He also has a website.

Kelley said...

I agree that reading aloud is the very best thing that you can do. But in the world of DVDs, I believe in the Signing Time series (Rachel Coleman). Check out The regular series has about 14 volumes and is fantastic not only for signing but for general language development. (For example, they say a word, show a picture of that object, show the real object, sign the name, and then show it in some context.) I used the DVDs for my daughter Chloe, but I also use them with my kindergarten students to go with the concepts we learn about. They are so good for filling in language gaps. Best of luck to you!

Jboo said...

We really liked the Dora the Explorer shows when M was small as it uses a lot of repetition and M enjoyed it. She also learned some sign language when she was younger and used that quite a bit. Our school recommended Starfall and she really liked it a lot. I think all the suggestions so far have been great. Good luck!


ww said...

My kids loved LeapFrog's Letter Factory - learn the alphabet and their sounds! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I can't agree more on the reading aloud. Sophie turned pages so fast when we first got home I had to make up the stories and point so quickly, but I strongly suggest signing videos. The signs start out easy, the songs are very engaging, and I can't believe how they helped Sophie. Her language and recognition exploded! - we started with Signing Time Vol 1-3..they were loaned to us by a signing teacher that I work with and now we're up to 10-12. I'll see if I can borrow the first volume and get it to you to try out! Let's please get together for a visit over the holidays so Sophie can meet Alyzabeth??

So happy for you all..
Debbie, Barry, and Sophie

3 Peanuts said...

Kate LOVES fact, I plan to post about it soon (after Christmas). It is GREAT!