Sunday, December 07, 2008

Alyzabeth's First Tree Trimming

Christmas 2008 is already starting to be fun... AA helped us trim a small pre-lit tree.
DH (Dada) posted a video after I took these pictures; the video is cute (except for my voice in the background).

I have a pair of the 4-foot trees that are supposed to grace both sides of the front door. I brought one inside for AA to decorate. We had fun placing gold stars all over it. AA continued to move them around and at one point had taken half back off. She really seemed to enjoy the lights and creativity of decorating!

This final picture came as I was trying to get AA to smile.... not an easy feat even though she knows what I am asking! So Daddy (DH) begins to play his guitar and AA looks at him, points, and smiles. I caught the last of that smile! Go Daddy!

Love you, AA!!!


Vivian M said...

We let Kerri decorate our tree too! Our tree is seven feet tall, so most of the ornaments are around the bottom.
Cute pictures!

Special K said...

She just takes your breath away, doesn't she? Beautiful!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

AA is toooo cute..
Love how she is putting the ornaments on the tree..
Looks like a WONDERFUL 1st Christmas for AA...

Cora said...

Great pictures! You are in for a fun holiday season.
Happy tree trimming!

m said...

She is such a sweetie! What a Christmas this is for our family!

Beverly said...

cute! She sure doesn't look like the same scared little girl in China, what a change a few months home makes.