Monday, November 10, 2008

Blind Beer Tasting! And The Winner Is?

We had fun in Maine when I suggested we have a "blind" beer tasting. It had to be blind as we hold an extreme bias AGAINST one of the beers we would be tasting.

Here's how it all started...
While on our driving vacation, we saw many billboards advertising the new Budweiser beer called "American Ale".
I'll be up front with all of you and admit that we do not like Budweiser beer, in fact we really dislike it even if it is the pride and joy of DH's home state :)

So, DH and I discussed the fact that neither of us have ever liked the taste of the B. beer. In order to give this new beer a chance, I said we need to have it served with a few others AND be blindfolded in order to pick which one we like or at least rate each one as to "drinkability".

Thus we began planning for a "blind" taste. We knew we would be seeing my cousin, HT, who we drank many pints with over in England a few years ago, and my sister is known to drink a few beers so she would be a good candidate. We decided to include our nephew, AT, as he just turned 21 to get a young person's perspective as well.

We purchased a variety of beers (not overly extensive) which included our favorite "Maine" beer called Old Thumper.

In the end, we only had DH, myself, HT and Melissa to take on this challenge (AT had already left for an evening out with friends). My Mom was the bartender who made sure none of us could see what beer she was pouring and had assistance bringing the "rounds" to the panel of thirsty and very willing judges (us!).
I would reveal our comments on each beer but you would soon realize how inept we are at judging beer. I don't think we could tell the difference from a lager or ale. We should have been describing the head, hops, any fruit flavors, the bubbles, the smell, whether it is sweet, bitter, sour; etc. We could only come up with "no taste" to "mild flavor" and "what after taste?". I guess, what really matters is whether you like it or not, but I do need to read up on the subject just so I could tell another beer drinker what I liked about a particular beer so that he/she would understand (I had done some researching here but must not have paid any mind to what I was reading!).

In suspense long enough?
Here's the results:
First place (most first and second place votes): Old Thumper - What a great tasting beer; not too heavy, great flavor and aftertaste.
Second Place: Oh, oh.... the "B" Beer - American Ale came in second place. Yes, we were really pleasantly surprised!
Third Place: Bass; surprised as we do like this beer (along with Sam Adams beers).
Bass Beer is very good; would choose it along with Newcastle Brown Ale. So we were surprised it ended up third place.

The bottom two beers were just horrible as agreed by our panel of "experts". Be wary if you buy them!!
Next to Last Place, really bad just because it has no flavor.
And with apologies to our friends from "Down Under". Coming in at last place was none other than:

So we leave it to you to decide how worthy our totally unscientific taste test was..... :)


Mar said...

We are so not beer people but we LOVED us some Kalik, that I imagine because you are in Flordia might be a bit easier for you to find. When we were in the Bahamas the locals called it Cow Bells.

Its well worth the money if you ever run across it.


FinsUp said...

How can you resist something in a container called an "oil can"? (Even if it tastes like kangaroo saliva.)

Melissa said...

I saw Drink & be Merry or is it Be Merry & Drink...I think that is how the nite ended up.....I must admit, I am not Thumper fan & I beleive I liked the Bass......oh well....don't ask me, I'm the one that would just die to have Shipyard Pumpin Ale ALL year long!
Thanks, it was fun! I am sure we'll do that again!
Mel is Maine

Melissa said...

I meant "SAY" not saw!!
Nope, haven't been drinking! haha

Shane & Irma said...

WOW! I can not belive all the things that have happen since I last post. It looks like she is really getting the hang of things. I see you guys very happy and that is an awesome thing. i love the way she poses for the camara..

Thank you for posting on the blog.

Hugs and Blessings to you and your love ones.

Kelly And Allison said...

LOL. That sounds so much fun. Wish I were there.

Nina said...

What? No Tsing Tao?? (or whatever this Chinese beer is called). I'm not a beer person but you make it sound good!

Jimh. said...

Loved your post! We like a fairly local brew, called Mack&Jack's, Deschutes Brewery's Black Butte Porter, and the always fine Guiness...but, then again, my wife and I seem to prefer darkr beers.

OziMum said...

Fosters is a cheap-a$$ beer!!! See if you can get Coopers! Now that is a great beer. And its made in my home town (not biased, am I?!!)

I'm not a beer drinker myself - cheap champagne is my specialty!!! (HA! actually, I love expensive champagne... but its expensive!)

Carol and Taylor said...

Brilliant way to encourage science! Keep up the good work!

Keisha said...

Have you heard?....
You were the winner of the monogrammed clip from Reignbow Princess Designs!!
Email me & let me know the initial, what color & your address!
Thanks for entering!

Sophia's Mama and Baba said...

This is a great post... What fun it sounds like you had a good time. I will pass on all this info to my beer drinking hubby LOL

Don and Be said...

Can we do a beer test at the pancake place?

Cora said...

Sounds like our kinda taste test. We will have to try the new bud. My husband is making his own brew now we should be able to try that by Thanksgiving.
Take Care

Elyssium Earth said...

With apologies and assumptions (to and of my fellow Aussies - Foster's is what we drink if it's the only thing on tap or we're outta work. Try James Squire's or Little Creatures Hmmmmm. And I've always had a soft spot for Miller. Don't the astronauts drink Miller?

What a joyful way to spend an evening!!

Elyssium Earth said...

Just read comments, Ozimum's right. Coopers Green? Always in the fridge.

Mary said...

Loved this post! We actually just tasted the Bud American Ale recently at a Wine Tasting event (yes, I know...hahahaha!) and were also surprised at how good it was.