Monday, October 06, 2008

Too Many "Firsts" - Alyzabeth Living Life!

I continue to celebrate being Mommy to Alyzabeth... 20 days and counting!!

Update through Sunday Evening, 10/05/08:

· She continues to get her way by us bribing her with Cheerios and Gold Fish.

· Food has always been her favorite, eating just about anything. We call spaghetti “noodles”. Anything pasta or otherwise is “noodles”.

· She says words back to us like "diaper", "Good Girl", Daddy, yellow, etc. She continues to use one word that sounds like “mama” when wanting more food or is pointing at something. Anyone know what Chinese word that could be?

· She tells us after the fact when she has a dirty diaper.

· She is coy and knows what "No" means and does a pretend pout. This must be universal with all children as we have only had a few days with her and we certainly did not teach her that!

· She knows how to open our bedroom doors - door knobs are now a fun toy.

· Mosquitoes love her neck and face. We have to remember to put on the children's repel lotion (or use the wipes - very convenient).

· She is now carrying around her toys rather than just playing with them on the floor, they are now her mobile things.

· In China she would scream at anything that meant leaving Mommy; now she rides in the grocery cart, car seat, pull cart, sits in high chair.... She loves new things to do!

· She has discovered crayons and how lovely they look scrawled across the floor, the bar stools, the desk top…..

· Church went very well on the 5th. She watched intently the Pastor and his children’s story time (all children go to the front of the church for their special message). I did walk her to the nursery area to visit with the babies and toddlers for a short time during the sermon. Again, cheerios kept the peace!

· At big sister’s birthday party on the 5th, AA warmed up to the group and after two hours was rolling on the floor laughing and giggling with Christa again. AA even let big sister Leaa hold her for awhile.

· She continues to hate nap or bed time. BUT, she willingly goes to sleep in 10 - 20 minutes after I talk to her about what is coming next, lots of rocking and some soothing lullaby's (albeit off key - I can't carry a tune).

What we still need to do:

1. Apply for her passport.

2. Apply for her social security number.

3. Apply for the Florida College Pre-Paid program (it is only open to new applicants each Fall from October to January).

4. I will legally change my name to my married name (about time after 23 years?).

5. Contact the local lawyer who facilitates a new Florida birth certificate.

6. Make a list of AA’s souvenirs’ and future gifts and pack them away.

7. Make AA’s OHGWQ Squishes Scrapbook. I am looking for someone to get me started on digital scrapbooking for future “memories” (I will contact a local group to find someone willing to give me lessons on the computer; with limited time I would like to get started quickly. Best programs?

For those BTDT families,what else do we need to do for her (non-medical)?

Thank the Lord for young people!
Alyzabeth loves playing with Christa! And from this video I think you will see not only why but also how much love and attention Christa gives in playing with AA (I actually am videoing with Flip instead of Daddy!)!! Christa is a senior this year at the University of North Florida.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I cannot believe how AA has flourished in such a short period of time....she is really coming along!

That video is just adorable...what a cute little dress...and a beautiful little girl..

Hope you all have a great week...sounds like it will be a busy one:)


PIPO said...

LOVE the video. AA is the belle of the ball and it is wonderful to see. SO cute when she plops herself on baba's lap.

FinsUp said...

Aren't kids amazing? Imagine if we had left everything familiar 20 days ago without our agreement. What kind of condition would we, as adults, be in? Our kids start that process of love and trust so quickly. They have such strong hearts.

Heather J. said...

I'm so thrilled to know that things are progress so well for your family. It's wonderful to read along with you. My 6 yr old son loves watching the videos of AA. I've explained how she became part of your family and he just loves hearing about her. Plus his cousin (my sister's oldest boy) is just 5 days younger than AA so my kiddo understands that age quite well!

As for scrapbooking, I have some suggestions. First off, just so you know, I am a Creative Memories Consultant. There are LOTS of programs out there on the internet that are free. I've used several ( usually has the best discounts and the end product is simple but quite nice). However, I am partial to the digital scrapbooking software. (I'd like it even if I wasn't a consultant though!) I used the free downloadable version for 2 albums so far and it is a great way to get started. (There is a paid version that gives you more options too.) The free version requires very few decisions on your part yet also gives you lots of choices (in backgrounds, fonts, etc.). And it spellchecks, which not all programs do.

If you'd like to try it, you can check it out online ( or use that same site to find a local consultant who could show you a sample album. I guarantee you'll love it when you see it!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

It is truly amazing how well AA is doing..
She is soooo darling..
As for digital scrapbooking.. I need help too.. I think it would be easier if someone showed you.. I dont' like those tutorials...
Thank you for the card it was beautiful..
Have a Great Week..

DBW said...

This so warms my heart--the progress AA is making. You must be thrilled.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Just when you thought the door knobs were safe... hehehe... I see you still have a ton of paperwork to do... just when you thought it was all over...

Melissa said...

I will sing to AA @ nap & bed-time & not off key! haha
Love ya all!

Melissa said...

I will sing to AA @ nap & bed-time & not off key! haha
Love ya all!

Sue said...

Alyzabeth Anne is making such huge progress. It's been so wonderful watching her right along with you both. I just love all the videos. I can't wait for our turn...

Regarding digital scrapbooking, I would recommend Photoshop Elements. I think it's around $100, but is capable of so much stuff. As a graphic artist, I use the full Adobe Photoshop, but that might be a bit much for you. Many people love the PS Elements.


There are more if you're interested.


Anonymous said...

How precious! Just think how much her world has changed...from being an orphan, just one of many, to being the center of a family of her own! I loved the video!

Julie said...

For digi scrapping you can take an actual online CLASS which is self paced @ It is called Up and Running With Photoshop. I have taken that and the two succeeding classes and found them very beneficial. They teach you on digiscrapping with the full Photoshop or Photoshop Elements which is the most commonly used program for digi scrapping. Email me if you need help!

Vivian M said...

How wonderful to see Alyzabeth having fun with family!
Congratulations on finally becoming Mrs. Baba after all those years!

Anonymous said...

You will LOVE digital scrapbooking! I use photoshop and it just makes things so much fun! You are welcome to come over anytime and take a look at it. You are welcome to all the pages I have done digitally (just replace with your photos - modify, etc.) I know the kids would have fun playing with Alyzabeth. Let me know!

Melissa S.

Cindy said...

She is awesome and so beautiful!! Enjoy every moment, after having Allie for 2 1/2 years every day still brings something new!!!

We were able to file all our paperwork ourselves with the courts and had the judge sign the readoption papers(actually have pics with the judge holding Allie) and then just waited for the birth certificate. I believe CCAI has all of the different states on file. We are in LA and had no problems.

Good Luck,

Elisa. said...

yep Cheerios and goldfish still going strong in our house over a year on!

Michelle said...

Don't you just want to run out and buy stock in Cheerios? They are golden!

AA looks so sweet, and definately adorable!!

Regarding your question, I know that there are collage templates out there, such as on I have never used them, though. I create my collages in Serif PagePlus X2, which is the software I use for digital scrapbooking. I just like having the flexibility of being able to adjust sizes and crops the way I want vs. having it dictated to me, but then again I have never used a template to know if there is any built-in flexibility. I just insert the pictures, resize them the way I want and then add a thick border. I just posted another collage this evening, but I used a box graphic from a digital scrapbooking kit. Sorry if my answer is not helping you. Please ask if I can clarify further. Thanks!!

Catherine said...

Christa makes a great jungle gym! What fun to see she and Alyzabeth An playing together!

Ahhh...lists, lists and more lists! Hope you're able to make your way through your list of 'to do's'

hiltonsheadeast said...

Hi ! I found this and thought of you ...
bāng máng help; give (lend) a hand; do a favor; do a good turn

When you listen to the pronunciation, it sounds a bit like mama.

Lori H