Monday, October 20, 2008

Items Purchased in China & Souvenir Box

Here's another promised list.

If you are traveling soon, remember the advice of those who traveled before us, if you see something you like, buy it now, don't wait. Shopping is a luxury depending on your baby/child's behavior, you may not shop as frequently as you think you will.
Even though we did not buy as many things as I would have liked, I have only one regret and that is not buying more pearls and jewelry. I was not a big fan of pearls, not needing any for myself, but it is a luxury that we would not normally spend money on.Earrings were very inexpensive at the "Pearl Markets". Range $25 - $50 per pair. Other precious stones were readily available and we were a bit "cheap". Maybe when we go back to China (in ten years!), we will fill the gift gaps!
I have also included the list of items I have put in a box for Alyzabeth.

Items bought in China:

1. Year of the Dog (for 2006) hand painting from CQ City Old Town Tour. Gift from CCAI representatives Anita and Marie.

2. Pearl Necklace for Wedding day. White with 57 same size pearls. Selected by Daddy in GZ.

3. Pearl Earrings (two pairs) selected by mommy. One white gold; one with “Love” Chinese word. The pearl store, Maosheng gave gift of Chasteness Pearl – Love (open shell yourself to get pearl, place in necklace).

4. Jade Bangle Bracelet from Beijing. Selected after Helen (CCAI) described her childhood story between her Mother and giving her a jade bracelet once old enough to appreciate it’s meaning.

5. Silk dresses in toddler size 1 & 3. Girls size 6. Purple, Red and Black. Purchased in GZ.

6. Silk hand painted fan purchased in GZ.

7. Silk baby blanket with pillow in cream/green.

8. Chop (ink stamp) with Alyzabeth’s Chinese and English name. Purchased in GZ.

9. Granite Etching of Alyzabeth’s Referral photo. Purchased in GZ.

10. Chopsticks: one nice porcelain set with rests; one set of four pairs of wood with silk covers. Purchased in GZ.

11. Rice paper brush painting of Alyzabeth’s Chinese name (Nan, Min Hua).

12. Carp hand painting (small) to frame. For prosperity/luck.

13. Books: Two Chinese/English children’s teaching books.

14. DVD set teaching Chinese children to learn English.

15. Cloisonné bangle bracelet and earrings. Purchased in Beijing.

16. We did not purchase any squeaky shoes. Just didn’t look for them. Oops!

Future Shopping List (what I thought we should have bought in China) and other To Do’s for our “Memories”

Teapot and cups. Kites. Chess Set. Nicer Fan. Silk fabric (for future dresses or for wedding). More Silk Outfits, different sizes (very inexpensive in GZ). Silk purses. Any embroidery or folk art or carvings. Decide on software for making book of Blog January 2008 through YE 2008. Develop/Design Adoption Video. Referral Day through China Trip.

Items in Alyzabeth’s Souvenir Box

  • Bottle from Orphanage (given on “Forever Family Day, 09/16/08).
  • Round Rust/Orange colored container with black lid from White Swan Hotel. Chocolates were delivered in it each night. Alyzabeth played with is and pretend “cooking” with Daddy (so we stole it!).
  • Ruyi Golden Plate. Gift from Registrar’s office.
  • Great Wall photo of travel group and book.
  • Three red envelopes purchased by Helen in Beijing.
  • Chinese Newspapers from September 2008. Includes the GZ paper with our pictures in it traipsing through the flooded streets (Pearl River overflowed during typhoon on 09/24/2008).
  • One surviving white (glow –in-the dark) rubber bracelet that has embossed on it “I am the best thing made in China”. Ford purchased my first one in August 2005 and I wore one everyday. Sister, Melissa, wore one too.
  • Messages from our two Secret Buddies, the Whitall’s (Precious Pandas) and Kim Bison (from Seventh Diamond Swap).
  • One referral announcement sent our announcing her arrival to our family.
  • First Doctor’s Visit Receipt of Services.
  • Alyzabeth An Blog Book made by Blurp through December 2007.
  • Photo book of Alyzabeth’s first week at home (Completed at Walgreens Photo web site – Very Easy!).
  • Photos and negatives from the two disposable cameras sent in care package. Pictures taken mid-September 2008.
  • Fleming Island church bulletin with announcement of Alyzabeth’s arrival. Susan Rushing placed a rose on the Altar for Alyzabeth on Sunday, 10/05/08.


Don and Be said...

Power shoppers!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am TOTALLY even thought to buy a pearl necklace for her WEDDING DAY?!!!

You are most certainly a power planner!!!!

That is such a cool idea...I am totally bummed that I don't have pearl necklaces on hand that I bought each of my daughters when in China receiving them...I mean, how awesomely symbolic and sentimental to be able to give them for their wedding day something you chose for them on their Gotcha Day!!!!

Dale said...

Squeaky shoes (and Pearls) can be bought from Red Thread China at bargain prices. Ann, the proprietor, is like an angel--she got us extra pictures of our daughter from the orphanage director.

redmaryjanes said...

Thank you so much for this list. This is so helpful for those of us hoping for a referral soon :)

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Thank you for this list.. I have been making one all along from different families.. I know it is not like we can just stop by and get what we want..
LOVE the items..
You are an Amazing family..
So glad I have got to know you along the way..
I can't wait to watch Alyzabeth An grow into a beautiful little lady..
Have a Great Week..

Dita said...

You two are just amazing. One day when AA can look back and see all the love that has gone into your compiling all these tangible memories for her she is going to be just amazed. However, given that she is now the recipient of all that love and thought in action every single day of her life going forward....I imagine she will just open that box one day and say to her kids........yep, here's another example of grandma & grandpa being the best parents a girl could have ever hoped for.
Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

T n' W said...

I totally agree. You know I don't think I've ever heard anyone say they shopped too much while in China. We didn't get a tea set, looked at them, thought I'd shop around and didn't make it back!

Jboo said...

Totally agree -- should have bought more -- especially pearls and shoes!!

Have a great week with your little sweetie!


Catherine said...

So many wonderful keepsakes for AA! Hindsight is 20/20 but it sure looks like you found a lot of speacial gifts for AA to treasure in the future.

Thanks for the list! It's great to learn from those who are going before us.

sea star said...

Thanks for sharing your tips! I have a question, about how much in extra spending money would you say is a good number? And did you go to China with a list or did you just decide as you saw things?

Karen said...

Hi Alyson! I have loved following your story, before, during, and after your trip. This is an amazing list, I guess it's time to cut and paste! I can't wait until it's our turn to bring Kaelie home!

TAG, you're it! Susan R. made me do it! :>)


Billy and Maggie said...

Alyson thank you for the lists. You guys surely have it "all together".

Elisa. said...

You did great shopping, you a right though it is a bit of a luxury as you never know how your day is going to go when you are shopping with your little one!

OziMum said...

Gorgeous! I did a little "Mini" shopping when we were there in April! I bought a little embroidery as well - absolutely love it! I was thinking our next trip, I'd like to get her some things a bit more "kiddy" that she can play with - and keep the more fragile thinks when she's a little older, and wants to keep them as keepsakes! We bought a tiny china tea set... 45yuan! I couldn't believe it!

Kay Bratt said...

Here are some guidelines for prices for some of these items. I'll list the price I got (with my fine-tuned bargaining skills) and also top price you should pay:

Paintings done in silk--small 50rmb-125rmb Large--200 rmb to 400 rmb.

Pearl earrings-- 25 rmb to 50 rmb for most pearl earrings.

Silk dresses in toddler size-- no more than 50 rmb for already made dresses that come in packages! If you have one tailor made, no more than 200 rmb.

Chop with names--depends on the stone used but can get for 100rmb and up.

Chopsticks-- Nice porcelain sets with rests 50rmb to 100 rmb tops. (unless Jade) for Wooden with silk covers...20 rmb for set of 6!

Teapots and cups--average of 100rmb a set for really beautiful sets--can go up in price to very expensive.

Silk purses--no more than 50 rmb! I bought TONS of these over the years.

I know these prices sound too low but believe me, they are what I paid for most items. The AP's always get ripped off and it is so infuriating. Let me add..I always negotiated a great price and then ended up paying more in the end just to show them my appreciation. A tip--if you want to call it that.


Kayce said...

I love this! I'm printing it out! You guys are the best for those of us who will be going soon.

Donna said...

Great list...funny, I was thinking JUST the other day, that I wished we had taken one of those chocolate boxes from the WS! Lainey liked them, too. And, the chocolate was yummy!