Sunday, September 28, 2008

What a Day!! Day 1 At Home!

September 28, 2008

Here's how our first day went at Alyzabeth's (AA) new home!!

We had our family visit including cousin Carolyn, AA's sister Leaa, Hubby Jesse, daughter Alivia, and AA's brother Justin and daughter Kilee plus Cathy & Werner and their daughter Christa. Christa was particularly patient with AA during "play time".

First picture has AA tentatively standing and watching the others while Christa tries to entice AA to play.

Second picture has our daughter and son, plus their two daughters (our "grands") and Christa. AA is warming up a bit and did play with everyone. She is very reserved but with Crista's help learned to stack the rings, play with the blocks and give hugs to others.

The third picture is of AA happily pushing along on her LL Bean Flyer. She is now in bed hopefully asleep for the entire night (at least that is what we are hoping for - we need our sleep!).

Thank you to our family for their gifts (Marsha too!).

And the really BIG news...... Our Daughter, Leaa and hubby Jesse are expecting their second child in May 2009!! A sibling for Alivia. Hurrah! AA will be "Aunt" to our three Grands!


FinsUp said...

My heart swells for your family. Alyzabeth looks to be settling in so well. Congratulations!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Sounds like a fantastic first day home!! Alyzabeth looks like she is doing very well....hope you all get some much needed rest!

Congrats to Leaa and exciting!!


Beverly said...

congrats on your next grandbaby. congrats on making it home. Wonderful pics.

Dana said...

Alyson and Ford,

Congrats on the new grand! And it is so great to see Alyzabeth An smiling! Sounds like your first day back went well. Hope sleep is there for all of you!

(still waiting for my TA!)

OH MY #6 said...

OH MY, my daughter Leanne is expecting her first in May, also!

U sound wonderful. U R amazing.


a Tonggu Momma said...

Great to see y'all home and enjoying one another as a family!!!! Congrats on the new grandbaby. And I grew up with an aunt and niece who were 18 months apart.

Don and Be said...

There's no place like home. Relax ..... recover from jetlag ..... enjoy your expanded family.
D, B & JM

ingab said...

I followed your journey to China and enjoyed it. Your little Alyzabeth is a beautiful little girl and she looks very happy.

PIPO said...

Good news all around!

So happy to hear that AA is to be an auntie yet again :0)

Anonymous said...

Alyzabeth looks like she is settling comfortably into her new home!!!

Congratulations on the new grandbaby on the way!

KHM said...

So glad you are back and everyone is safe and sound

Rest up - I am sure everyone is pretty tired after all that flying.

Your Organizing Guru said...

Yay! There's no place like home, indeed! Enjoy. Your journey is just beginning. :)

Ruth and Brian said...

Hey Ford and Alyson,
I will have to admit, there was this void this morning at Alyzabeth to smile at, Jada to stick our tongues out at, no John to coo at. We grew attached to all of you guys during the trip and now being home is so bittersweet!

The flights home were great. Our flight from Korea to Seattle got in 1 hour early (go figure that one) and A did well until the last 20 minutes and then screamed her little head off. But we made it home and did the best we could to adjust all day long.

She seems to be better today, though sounds really hoarse so I wonder if a cold is setting in. Now is the true test of what our baby is like, with routines and schedules! I'd love to post a "we're home" but am way too tired and don't have much energy, so maybe tomorrow.

As for now, off to bed to fight off some of this jet lag.

Billy and Maggie said...

Congratulations..more babies in the family! Alyzabeth looks like she is going to fit in just right with your lovely family. By the way Happy Birthday!

Cora said...

Glad you made it home safely. Looks like Alyzabeth had a great time getting to know her family.
Congratulations on the new Grand!!

Norma said...

AA looks happy to be home too. Rest up guys.......
mission accomplished. Well done.
Congrats on the new babby.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Congratulations on your new Grandbaby...
LOVE the pictures..
Looks like AA had a WONDERFUL first day...
Have a Great Week.

Dita said...

A picture is worth a thousand words. AA's smile is priceless and the photos of your children and grandchildren flocking around her epitomize the family that now and forever will surround that wonderful, beautiful little angel. Congratulations on the news of your next addition.....there is nothing in the world like family!

Vivian M said...

Welcome home and glad to see Alyzabeth smiling! Hang in there, you will get used to not sleeping (I should know). Hopefully her night time fears will pass soon as she starts to gain trust and attach.
Huge hugs!

Catherine said...

What a wonderful first day home with family! Happy Birthday Leaa and CONGRATULATIONS too! What a wonderful gift your precious new baby will be! AA will be an aunt 3 times over...way to go AA!

Such happy family times. Off to read the post above and praying that AA slept at least part of the night. Nighttime seems like such a tough time for our little ones when they're first home.

Praying for all. Love you bunches!

sea star said...

Hopefully soon she will settle into the night routine. Her smiles are getting bigger!

Nina said...

Congratulations to Leaa and Jesse!! And to you and your family on the upcoming new arrival.

It's great to see AA finally HOME!!