Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Referrals Are Here! February 1 - 9 Are In!

WOW! We have Referrals! Only 22 days since the last batch!!

Congratulations to all the new families seeing the face of their little one for the first time. We can honestly say that the next few days and weeks will have your jaws aching from smiling so much :) And smile is something you have earned the right to do!

Your WAIT is OVER!!!

Once more, Congratulations and extra hugs to some of our Wait buddies that we've come to think of as "family". We are over the top happy that your special time has arrived!!
Please hop over and wish these newest families all the best:

Journey To Kavanna
Lily Whittall

And join us in wishing the best and sharing in the joy of these new families:

Happin' Things
Baby Jillian
Living By Faith
The Hill Family
Room For At Least One More
Our Journey To Malia


rubyiscoming said...

I can't believe we are finally in February - my palms are sweating!! We are almost ready to join you in the ultimate adventure - parenthood!!!!!

OH MY #6 said...

awesome news!


Nina said...

Thank you so much, Ford & Aly!! It's been so wonderful sharing this journey with you... and when we have our daughters home a new wonderful journey will begin....