Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nan Min Hua - Alyzabeth's Chinese Name

While touring at the Three Rivers Gorge Museum we made a stop at an indoor Artist Gallery and they painted Alyzabeth's Chinese name for us. Some day it will become one of her Chinese gifts purchased during our family journey...


Don and Be said...

Gifts from her homeland - how meaningful! How wonderful! We have several for JM to be given on special birthdays and occasions. We continue to hold you 3 up in prayer.
D, B & JM

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Amazing how he can do that sooo simple..
Hugs to you..
Glad things are going well..

Catherine said...

Cool! what a precious gift that will be! I'd love to know what the gentleman painting it was thinking as he painted it as he took such care.

Shane & Irma said...

That is a great thing to give her in time. She will love that for sure. How simple they make it look.

Hugs to both and have a good week.