Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 3 Chongqing - Registry Day!

Quick post because we have to go to the Registry in just a few minutes.

Alyzabeth will not leave her mother's arms for one minute without crying for her. I'm doing what I can and while she does not like for me to hold her, she does like for me to feed her. As long as she's on mom's lap :)

The great news: Alyzabeth slept through the night! She awoke and immediately wanted to be held by Aly or else. I ran out to one of the stores and purchased a baby carrier to provide support when Aly is holding her. We left ours at home, on purpose no less. Mistake...

Her favorite time with us is when we all eat together. She did great at breakfast. Alyzabeth absolutely loves noodles, congee and watermelon. The video is of breakfast and a snippet of a group I filmed while going to purchase the baby carrier. The man was leading what appeared to be a class.

Short post. Must run. Later... :)
ac & fm & aa
ps: sorry Leaa & Justin - we missed our appointment with you all. Our fault. Talk soon.


Billy and Maggie said...

Oh Alyson she is so beautiful! You guys look perfect together. In no time she will be overflowing with laughter and joy. Ford is doing such a wonderful job video taping. Thank you for sharing in such an intimate way.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

She is like a little angel.....I am loving all the footage you are capturing....It will be a wonderful keepsake for Alyzabeth as she gets older!

Sounds like a good first night!

Can't wait for the next update!


Melissa said...

So what is congee?
You look great w/your daughter!! Hey, AA & ATW have noodles in common! He was my pasta boy at that age, well, still!!!
Love you ALL & thinking of you ALL!!
Loads of Maine love, xoxoxoxoxo, etc,

Don and Be said...

I can't stop saying that we are SO jazzed for you. Ford, buddy, the bonding will happen - it took a lot of patience with Joanna Mei. Been there - done that. She was ALWAYS attached to be (like a 18 lb Asian suction cup). It won't be long before you hear her sweet voice calling "baba" out to you.
We just got off a red eye from San Francisco to Philadelphia. The flight to Orlando was full so we are hop scotching home through Washington DC. J Mei travelled like a pro. 10 hours of flying. Blessings to Aly as you essentially play 'pack mule' for the day's activities.
Love you 3,
Don, Be & J Mei

Catherine said...

Such a precious little girl! Happy to hear that she slept well and is eating well. Mamma holding her close is such a good thing and baba feeding her. Great strides for day 2.

Love, hugs and lots of prayers for all of you. xoxoxo

Truly Blessed said...

Great sleeper and a great eater -- you guys sure lucked out!

I remember those early days of "velcro" baby attached to Mama -- not only were both of my girls permanently attached to me for the first 4 days or so, they each made it perfectly clear they preferred me to be standing while I held them!

Trust me, each day gets easier. Each day Alyzabeth will trust you a little more and will get more comfortable with you and her routine. She'll be using that stroller in no time!

Aly, hope your back muscles are nice and strong!

Sophia's Mama said...

Alyson and Ford, Alyzabeth is beautiful...Keep doing whatever you are doing she is adjusting...
Watching you is like watching a mirror image of our Adoption experience. Alyzabeth is reacting the same way Sophia did Mom for the first few days then it was all about the daddy (get ready Ford). Alyzabeth also like all the same foods Sophia did and still does (congee is easy to make)....

Thanks for sharing your journey....

Briana's Mom said...

Wow - she is so amazingly precious! Good appetite too! I'm so glad she slept. Thank you for posting these videos - they are wonderful!

Dannye said...

just hang in there ford, she'll be wanting her baba before long!!

and Alyson, wow, that's all I can say, ya'll's daughter is just so absolutely beautiful....can't wait to see her smile!!

love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Natalie, Neeleigh and I just watched your first breakfast video. The girls wanted me to tell you they are praying for you! You look like pros! She is so beautiful!! I am so glad she slept for you. Each day will get easier. I am flooded with emotion with each video we watch! Enjoy your time there! Your videos are amazing!!

Melissa S.

Anonymous said...


I meant to post that there is a great foot massage place (but they also do your back, arms and shoulders as a part of the foot massage) on Shamian Island behind the Christian church. It's called an acupuncture clinic but they have a big room for foot massages. It's down the street from the White Swan. You'll really appreciate it by the time you get to Guangzhou. I think it was all of $12 for 90 minutes. Our entire group went with half the babies sitting in Mama or Baba's laps! It was awesome!

Melissa S.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

WOW.. sounds like she is sleeping well and eating well..
She will go to Baba soon..
Have a Great Day..

rubyiscoming said...

You guys are doing so well! I love the warmth of Aly in these photos - she is clearing loving the chance to just hold her beautiful girl.

I agree with Catherine - GREAT strides for day 2 - you guys are doing everything beautifully.

Poor little gal is still struggling to process everything - a lot of fear and trepidation, but sleeping through the night and wanting Aly to hold her is HUGE!!!

Hang in there, Ford - she'll be clinging to you in no time :)

I'm just over the moon happy for you both.


LaLa said...

Hang in there Baba...we had the opposite happen as Annslee would only let Daddy hold her...it really hurt for me but I just had to be patient. She is a total Mama's girl now : )

She is so beautiful!!!

PIPO said...

Your video snippets brighten my day each morning.

How wonderful to have a night of sleep for all. The day will come when Alyzabeth will venture from mama to daddy's arms. What a treat that will be!

Norma said...

poor baby......still has the deer in the headlights look. it will be even sweeter to see that first smile and hear that first laugh. you are doing well Mom and Dad. the blossoming will come. we are praying for you.

Mary said...

Oh, she is beautiful! Enjoy Chongqing...it is a really beautiful place. Please tell Marie that the family with "the worst baby!" says hello (Marie told us this on about day 3 - in June of 2005 - of our daughter SCREAMING! LOL). We will be back to Chongqing (Fuling SWI) to visit this November...hope Olivia (Fu Ai Man) and I see Marie and Anita then!
Enjoy and soak in every moment...it goes by all too quickly. :-)
Mary Rodin - in Florida (and a CCAI family, too!)

Lili said...

your little noodle girls is wonderful and precious. thanks for sharing these heart-warming videos.

big huge congratulations!!!!

sending positive thoughts for your journey home with your daughter.

OH MY #6 said...

U 2 are just fantastic! You seem to be doing so well. Thank you, for taking the time out to share with us.


fbw said...

She is beautiful and thinks will only get better and easier the long you sepnd time together. Congrats on having her in your arms...

Gina said...

Gosh...watching you with her brought back so many memories of our first breakfast with our daughter. Those first few days. Getting to know each other. It brings tears to my eyes. It is so surreal isn't it?

Kelly And Allison said...

She is so beautiful. She reminds me of my Allison. Those big brown eyes. So happy you guys are doing so well. Congrats on everything!


Anonymous said...

I seriously just watched Alyzabeth eat for breakfast more than Liv will eat for the entire day. A full belly is definitely a good thing. Already looking so natural Aly. Miss you guys and love you-

Karen said...

Dulurking to wish you the very best. You've documented the road to Alyzabeth beautifully and I'm sure she'll be thrilled to have this all when she gets older. She is clearly very much loved. Congratulations!

Sammi said...

Oh, she's is such a cute Nanchuan girl. She looks so much like Karsynn through the eyes. I'm so happy to see that you have finally been united with your daughter who has waited for you for so long. It was meant to be! Congrats!!! I can't wait to hear from you when you get home.

ww said...

Alyzabeth is so adorable! Just heard about a formula recall where many babies have gotten very sick - not sure if the orphanages have been notified yet. Blessings, Wendy

Anonymous said...

Steve and Cindy Morse from Maine.
Alyzabeth looks so wonderful. It is exciting to see you with her.
To Ford, Emily was the exact same way with me for the first week or so. She only wanted to be with Cindy! It drove me nuts because I wanted to help Cindy with Emily and she would motion me away. Hang in there she WILL come to you when she is ready.
We are praying for you three.
Steve and Cindy Morse

NoahandMaddysMom said...

She is so beautiful. We are so happy for you all. Looks like she is adjusting well and I think she is definitely going to be a Momma's girl (sorry Ford!). Ejoy your beautiful daughter!!! And thanks for sharing this specialt time with us all.
We're "on deck" according to our agency so we will be doing this very soon.

NoahandMaddysMom said...

She is so beautiful. We are so happy for you all. Looks like she is adjusting well and I think she is definitely going to be a Momma's girl (sorry Ford!). Ejoy your beautiful daughter!!! And thanks for sharing this specialt time with us all.
We're "on deck" according to our agency so we will be doing this very soon.

Stacy said...

Hang in there. We just brought our 2 1/2 year old home 2 weeks ago. She still is hesitant of her father but gets better every day. I know it's hard but I can see some light at the end of the tunnel. Good idea to get a carrier!

(fellow RQer)

JoAnn in NJ said...

She's beautiful and you are right, she will bond to you in time. Keep the faith.

Wishing you a peaceful and happy trip and peace and bonding for Alyzabeth Ann.

kris said...

Hope she continues to slowly bond and open up, i know it must still be tough... you guys are doing an amazing job. She is so beautiful, can't wait to see her personality emerge :)

Sherri & Todd said...

Oh my goodness, is she not the most beautiful little thing - she's prefect. Keep the faith as i'm sure she's going to be just fine, easy for me to say. She's just too darn cute.