Friday, August 22, 2008

Go Away Fay

We have been a little out of commission. Fay has not been nice and is continuing to kick our bu**'s. And please don't think of us as throwing a Pity Party, we're fine, just a little soggy.

As best I can tell, we've lost the end of our dock and stand a good chance of losing our walkway in the next couple of hours or at least a good part of it.
The water is so high with waves rolling in one after another making it nearly impossible to really tell how bad the damage is. Who knows, maybe we'll catch a break. The wind is killing us. If the wind would quiet down we could deal with the high water...

The cyclone fencing on the river side is gone and buried under debris washing in from neighbors who are losing their docks. The rain continues, coming in bands and now we have tornadoes touching down around us. Will the fun never end... :)
We did just get our power back after being without since Wednesday. YEA!!
The bad thing is not what's happening to us but knowing others are having it worse. We'll be fine. I hope others will be as well...

Life is good but we sure wish Fay had stayed (would go) away. Gotta go. We'll catch up with you all later. I better hurry and post this before we lose power again :) or is that :(

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Nan & Dan said...

sorry to hear you maybe lost your dock and walkway. we just got our power back this am and have a new "pool" in our backyard and our road is under water. We took a ride up to the base and several boats at our marina had broken loose and were against the trees :(
hope it goes away very soon!
good luck :)