Thursday, August 28, 2008

Star Fall - Learning That's Fun!!!

Our DD loves the website Starfall. And for good reason. The Starfall website is an entertaining and educational explosion of fun for your little one begging to play on the computer!

When DD and her MIL (Yo Muther's Blog) first brought Starfall to our attention, we knew that this was something we would be sharing with Alyzabeth. The interaction between parent and child coupled to an amazing learning experience produces remarkable results you are bound to see from your child. And no, none of us work for this company :) It's just that good.

Our GD Livi is not quite 30 months old and she counts, knows her ABC's, colors and is learning to read! OK, OK, sounds like I am bragging. Because I am!
It is so much fun watching her point and say her letters and count out numbers while stacking objects or point to a word and tell you what it says. And so much more! Imagine your little one playing on the computer rather than simply worrying about them destroying it! :)

You owe it to yourself and your little one to give it a look. I may have waxed on a bit thick about its charms and delights but it truly is a magnificent program geared to helping our children learn.

And best of all, it's FREE!!!


Sandra said...

Yes, we are big fans of Starfall at our house. Tahlia has learned a lot from that site.

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

We are big fans too at our house. Maddy has not yet mastered the computer but she is trying. It's fun sitting together and doing the ABC's.

Christine said...

Thanks Ford! I have saved it and will definitely bring our little girl over to the site!!!

Jill W said...

That is a cool site. It was recommended to us by Macie's ELL teacher when we first brought her home. I am sure we will use it again when Bethany comes home.

Kim said...

We love this too! It is so great and the added bonus - free!

Liene said...

I have heard a lot about it and need to look into it since our son is at the point where he wants to start to learn to read (he's 4 almost 5).

You can brag. I did. Our son was 22 months old when he was able to say the whole alphabet and not just by singing the ABC song. We had a puzzle and we'd randomly point to letters and he'd say what they were. He became interested at 16 months when I went into his room and saw him sitting there with the alphabet puzzle pointing to a letter and saying "R". He had the right letter too.

Nan and Dan said...

Danny LOVES this site!
We use it all the time.
We found out about it from his PreK teacher.
MS V now watches him on it and follows along with it.