Saturday, August 23, 2008

Soggy Saturday

Update: Another outer band of Fay is hanging around! Rain and more rain today! Just one picture to show the angry river. The normal water level is well outside the fence line, even at high tide, the water does not come up to the fence (you can see the fence frame standing - we were smart the last time we replaced it and did not have the "chain-link" mesh attached at the bottom, saving some of the frame).

We have lots of activities going on this weekend and the least of them is picking up the yard and getting fence repair estimates and dock repair estimates! Thank goodness TS Fay has moved on! DH has a video posted below... and wanted me to say that the boat made it through the night!

Back to our dear daughter.... Yes, we are still walking in the clouds...
I have so many thank you's to write and send! You have been so very generous with your congratulations and gifts. We received a gift from Texas, from Australia, Tennessee, Maine and many from our friends here in Florida.

Just a short post to fill you with ideas for your children's amusement; I found this on Simple Mom - 11 Free Toys to make for children. If you have more ideas, please leave comments on her blog. Have fun with this!

We will be back very soon, even though I feel like we are paddling up a creek without the paddle at times, with many more posts about our wonderful gifts and maybe one more on the paper-chase! I think we are done with that chapter of Alyzabeth's journey, at least until we arrive in China.
Here's the "cheap" toy ideas:

1. Egg cartons. They make great caterpillars, they’re good storage containers for little treasures found on walks, and they can even become airline seats for little animal toys.

2. Chalk. On sidewalks, on chalkboards… endless fun, and it hoses right off.

3. Water and cups. Our 3-year-old loves to “wash” dishes. Just give her a step stool in front of the sink and a few dishes - she’s lost in her own world.

4. Paper and safety scissors. Old newspapers, expired coupons, scrap paper… give some to your kiddo with a pair of safety scissors, and he’ll be engrossed forever.

5. Dried beans or rice. It’s fun to pour into bowls and cups of different sizes, and it’s a good sensory exercise. Sand works well, too.

5. Toilet paper or paper towel tubes. They’re great telescopes for your budding pirate, you can cover the ends and pour some dried beans inside for a musical shaker, or you can sit them upright as bowling pins.

6. Old clean socks. Roll them up into balls, or get some markers and wear them on your hand for the classic - sock puppets.

7. Washed out empty food containers. My daughter loves to play kitchen, and she’s stocked with some of our empty syrup, ketchup, and dressing bottles. No need to buy a child-size version of the same plastic thing.

8. Balloons. Indoor volleyball is fun for everyone. And armed with a marker, they’re transformed into silly faces.

9. Books. They were my absolute favorite. The child who doesn’t like to read is missing out on adventure, meeting new people, and traveling through time.

10. Paper and crayons. It’s a classic for a reason - give your child a blank canvas, and anticipate their creation. It’s a joy to watch their process.

11. A cardboard box. You knew this one would be on the list, didn’t you? Every child loves a big, unused cardboard box to transform into a clubhouse, a fort, a time machine, a tent, whatever. Hours of fun, indeed!


Kayce said...

Love free toys! The cardboard box is the best toy in the world! LOL.

Don and Be said...

Thankfully, the boat is OK . Hoping the repairs are minimal.
Thanks for the toddler entertainment tips. We've begun stocking up on towel rollers and cardboard boxes.

kris said...

Awesome free toys. I'm always fascinated anyway that no matter how much stuff you by for your kids, they just wanna play with all the ordinary things around the house anyway!

Nina said...

Glad you - and your boat - are okay. Thanks for the toy ideas. There are so many plastic and computerized toys these days... but the most special toys are the ones where kids get to use their imagination!

Catherine said...

Sorry about the damage. Glad to hear you're safe and that your boat is still there. What a lot of work to clean up after Fay finally takes her leave. Scoot now've stuck around too long! long an extension cord will you need to buy to hook into your neighbour's extra power supply? ;o)

Take care friends. love ya and miss you. Still praying for you.

Cora said...

Great toys the simple things are almost always the best!
I am so glad that you are all Ok, What a mess to clean up but it looks like it could have been a lot worse.