Friday, August 08, 2008

Olympics - From China

We watched the Olympics opening ceremony with friends, Kenny and Pam, while eating Chinese take-out food! We were able to give them the news that we will see our daughter's picture next week. Very cool, even though we didn't really plan for the evening to be a "celebration".

The Olympics began on the 8th, 8 is the luckiest number in China, we heard that our referral left China and is on the way to our agency and spending time with friends eating Chinese food! So much good news all on 8-08-08!

The ceremony was beautiful. I am sure we will find a DVD to buy after the Olympics to add to Alyzabeth's DVD collection! All the Precious Pandas who are waiting to travel or still waiting for their referral, we all wonder where our daughters are during this very lucky day?


PIPO said...

I watched form a hospital call room. It was a stunning opening to the games.

I was far more impressed than the new parents when I delivered a boy weighing 8-8 on 8-8. Don't get me wrong, they were thrilled with their baby. But, I was the one who was excited about his birth weight.

Don and Be said...

Thanks to the DVR, we watched it in segments - between feedings, naps and playtime. I was a wonderful melding of ancient traditions and folk lore with modern technology. Breathtaking and spellbinding.