Monday, August 04, 2008

Grand-Baby #2 - Sweet Livi

We enjoyed Sunday afternoon with Grand-daughter #2. She's adorable. After swimming in the pool, eating lunch, taking a nap, walking back and forth several times on the dock, bath time and play time (jumping on the couches 39 times!!), we managed to only get a few good photos today. She's at that age when she will not look at the camera when asked... she does the opposite (she's 27 months old). So enjoy pictures of her back!!

Since she soaked her clothes, we dressed her in the "Kimberley" dress that was given to us for our daughter Alyzabeth... I was dying to see the most beautiful dress on our cute grand-baby.

Driving back from our swim at the pool:

Her back side looking at the kitty cat on the porch and probably begging to "walk by the water" again! Isn't the Kimberley dress adorable? Hand made by Robin at Red Thread Stitches; catch one of her creations (first come, first served!).

She did sit still a few times when she was trying to get Salty Dog in the chair with her:

Her back side again:

Is this her reaction to spending the day with Poppy and Nana?

No news on the Referral front. All is quiet.
We've decided to leave the house for a while and do errands. After all, you can only refresh your computer so many times and the results are always the same for now. In truth, we're trying to convince ourselves that the most we can hope to hear this week is that referrals have been mailed. Wednesday is shaping up as a key date. No news by Wednesday and we're officially turning out the lights and not answering the front door :)
Aly & Ford


Melinda said...

You have a very beautiful Grand-daughter, and I love the dress!
Here is to hoping we hear some very great news this week! It's 2:00 am Monday morning and I can't sleep knowing we may see our little ones faces any day. We will be thinking of you both, when our agency starts making those calls (soon I hope)!!

Waiting for Savannah
LID 1-27-06

OziMum said...

Ahh that dress is absolutely stunning! Or could it be, its on such a cutie pie?!!

OH MY #6 said...

she is just precious and looking like at day at Poppy and Nana's ain't too shabby!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

What a FUN day...
LOVE the dress... Can't wait to see Alyzabeth An in that dress also...
Have a Great Week..
This is the week..

Norma said...

We are older parents too and no grandkids for us for a
a very long time! thinking of you as you wait. Eciting times..........breath.

kimmons said...

What a beautiful dress! I'll check out the site - thanks.

This "no news" on referrals is KILLING ME! I'm sure you guys, as well.

Let's hope we get some news that referrals have been mailed by the end of this week, or I'm with you - lights out and holed up in my room with the phone.

Kim R.

kris said...


I can't imagine the pins and needles you guys are pacing on... I'd be bald, bleary eyed, and delusional.

Red Sand (aka Mrs. V) said...

The dress is lovely. I've been thinking of you guys, hoping for good news for someone in this world!

Nan & Dan said...

Livi is just beautiful! The dress is also!
Glad your weekend passed happily and here's to a very eventful week!!!!

kris said...

I need your email address :) I couldn't stay today anyway but YES we must get together next time I'm over (on average at least once every couple months). I just saw on RQ that the cut off might be the 27th- CHEESUS. Knew the Olympic batch would be small, but that's smaller than small as those weren't big lid days.

Shane & Irma said...

This is going to be you week.
I love the pictures, and the dress is so cute.

Have a great week

Lili said...

cutie patootie....sending you some positive cyber thoughts while you WAIT for word of your daughter.

Nina, David & Ariel said...

Adorable grandbaby... soon to be joined by an adorable daughter.

Now that we're out of the game this month, I'll be checking your referral constantly because I'm so excited to see Alyzabeth!!

Chelsea said...

Love the baby, her dress and cute pictures!! Great!!