Sunday, July 27, 2008

Secret Buddy Gifts - Two at Once!

From my Secret Buddy and Secret Pal Swaps, one through Seventh Diamond and the other from the January 2006 DTC-Precious Panda yahoo group. I received some absolutely gorgeous gifts.

Below is a picture of the gifts from the Precious Panda Secret Swap. A Disney play cell phone for Lizzy, a pink book marker, socks and the monogrammed purse and frame! What great gifts and so many! I have the most generous Secret Swappers!!

Look at the close up of the beautiful monogrammed purse and picture frame. A lovely card was enclosed explaining that she will reveal her name next month. That will be a beautiful gift!

These following pictures are gifts from my Seventh Diamond Secret Swap. Amazing gifts! She follows us closely as all the gifts are very specific to our journey. Love the pink and brown. Seeing "Lizzy's" name on the bib and hair bow makes Lizzy all the more real; we are so close to getting our referral!! Don't you love the matching tag blanket?

This is so cute, an "A" embellished in pink and brown with buttons (a family favorite as my Grandmother collected buttons). Can you see the hair bow holder? It hangs on the wall with a very long ribbon streamer and the hair bows are clipped on to it - keeps them organized!

Both these swaps are completing. I received an email last month advising that the Precious Panda swap was to end with the July gift so I revealed myself with this month's gift. You can check out the family who we secretly gifted for the past year. Please visit her blog, Yearning For a Child.
However, I received the July package from this same group and my Secret Buddy did not reveal herself! Another month of waiting!

Thank you to the best Secret Swappers, it has been fun and the wonderful gifts are so APPRECIATED! Thank you! Thank you!!!

Pit Stopping for gas, four fresh tires, slight wedge bar adjustment and off we go - 12 days!!!
(and for those that track such things , like us :) today marks our 30th LID anniversary)...


OH MY #6 said...

oh my gosh what fantastic gifts!

Have a lovely Sunday.


kris said...

wow, what great gifts! i am in love with the big and taggie blanket :O)

here's to less than 2 weeks!!! how does it feel after soooo many long months waiting to be within days of a referral????

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Happy 30 months....
You will be waiting no longer....
12 more days and counting with you..
Can't wait to see her pretty little face..
WOW... Great gifts...
Love the A.. how neat...
I want to see Alyzabeth An's room... Is it ready???
Have a Great Weekend..

Catherine said...

Welcome to your 30's! You're lookin' fine! And...even better as your countdown is going down, down, down! Wahoo!! I got goosebumps when I saw that your anticipated date was so close!

What beautiful gifts from your secret buddies. The brown and pink items are gorgeous!

You are so very, very close and we are so very, very excited for you!!

Vivian M said...

Happy 30th and hopefully last!!! And the gifts are very beautiful, your daughter is going to be surrounded by lovely things from special people who are already welcoming her home!

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

WOW! Great stuff. I love the brown & pink!

rubyiscoming said...

What lovely goodies!!

Hope you guys are having a good weekend!


Kelly & Sindy said...

I've been thinking about you guys
everyday!! I cant wait to see
your beautiful Daughter's face
I cant believe you will get your
referral the same time we did,
but last year. I'm going to hunt
you down. I would be so honored
if you would send me a piece of
fabric & wish...I LOVE THE BROWN

Hang in there! Your day's just
around the corner!!!

All My Best,