Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Rabelais - Portland's Cookbook Destination!

(Nothing happening on the referral front - we will interrupt the following post should breaking news occur!)
(We are soooo wanting storks to fly)

Food and Wine magazine has paid a HUGE compliment to my hometown of Portland, Maine. What a thrill to read about a cookbook store that is on their list of three new quirky shops. The other two are in Paris (France, not Maine!) and Brussels (Ford wants to visit here badly). According to writer Jen Murphy, these bookstores offer serious home cooks more than recipes.

Rabelais in Portland, ME: Rabelais is owned by Samantha Hoyt Lindgren and Don Lindgren, a husband and wife team. Samantha once worked in magazine publishing in New York City. She left that life to study the Pastry Arts at the Institute for Culinary Education, followed by work as a pastry chef. Don has long been an antiquarian book dealer. They’ve combined their passion into a great food bookstore located at 86 Middle St.

Can anyone name the foodie pictured at the left, standing in the middle? If you guessed Andrew Zimmern, you guessed right. Zimmern is an internationally recognized chef, food writer and star of the TV show, Bizarre Foods. He too has discovered Rabelais.

Also included, since I can't seem to stop bragging about my home, is a review of their store from Maine Home & Design. With all this hoopla, I guess this means I have a new place to stop in and explore the next time I get home to Maine! Of course, any reason requiring a trip home to Maine is a good thing!

How about you all? Any favorite places in your area that you love to go and look for cookbooks and such? If so, please share, you just never know when Ford and I might find ourselves in your corner of the world!


Don and Be said...

I love Zimmern's Bizarre Foods show and recognized him immediately. I browsed the books at the new Whole Foods store near our home, but I have to confess that the internet is my source for recipies - I cooked a Mango Chicken with Basmati Rice that gave me chill bumps.

OH MY #6 said...

I just read your comment from today on RQ! You are just too, too, funny! I am on pins and needles for you.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I also read your comment on RQ....when you run out of things to do down there, you can come up here....Let's hope we hear before the holiday! :)


Chris & Deb said...

Ford....I too, loved your comment on RQ....that will be me! I am pushing refresh over and over and we still have a ways to go! I will be a wreck when we are closer to our LID! I was not this way the first time around....perhaps the long wait has driven us to THIS! I am very excited for you guys!

Nina, David & Ariel said...

No cookbook info from me (I'm the one who doesn't cook - I heat!)... but I just wanted to tell you I'm thinking about you and hoping you get referral news very soon!

Can't wait to see the referral photo on your blog!!


Sue said...

Having been a graphic artist for a gourmet food magazine, you just need to stop by my house if you're ever in Madison, WI... I LOVE to cook. Since we can't afford to eat gourmet food out every night, I decided a long time ago that I needed to learn how to make it myself.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you guys. If it's not this month, you know for sure it will be next. How exciting!