Friday, July 18, 2008

Mantra For Today

We loved the movie Finding Nemo and thought this could be our mantra for today. Read their post and know that they were January 2005 DTC and we were just a year later January 2006 DTC.

The difference in having our new daughters?
They went to China in December of 2005 just 11 months after DTC.
We expect to travel in September/October 2008 - yes, that is a HUGE wait of 32 months!

Why did we wait so long to adopt? Don't know, but we do know our new daughter will be perfect for us!

Continuing with the count down to referral day!!


Mom of 5 said...

Can't wait !!

T&W said...

Yes she will!!!

OH MY #6 said...

Oh, so, close!

Enjoy your weekend.


Julie said...

You will be lucky to have her, she will be lucky to have you.

Can't wait to read of your long awaited news!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Counting down with you ~ sharing in your joy!

Rhonda said...

Three more weeks...

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

21 days.. and counting with you..
She will be PERFECT...

Traci said...

We are eager to hear your news. Sitting here waiting with you.

We were in the June 26, 2006 referral group. That was the first group to take the wait over one year. It felt awful at the time. None of us had any idea what those after us were going to have to endure.

It's so good to watch you this close. Hang's about to get so very fun!


Sam said...

I always feel sad when I hear about the groups after ours. I'm so sorry this wait just keeps dragging out! I won't give you the crap about "in God's time" and all that other stuff that just doesn't make you feel any better. Let's be honest, it bites! And the garbage people tell you about "once you hold your child, you won't remember the long painful wait", that ranks up there with "you will forget about the pain of childbirth"! NOT.HAPPENING.EVEN.WITH.DRUGS. You will always remember. It is part of the journey to your daughter. And just think, you can use this wait to induce guilt at a later date ("This is how you treat me after I suffered for 32 months waiting and praying for you?!"). I can't wait for your turn to come!

Just Keep Swimming!!! I'll even tread water while you finish your laps!

Sam @ Just Keep Swimming

KHM said...

I love you guys. Might be because misery loves company.

Can't wait for your referral. Gives us hope!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Counting right along with you.....can't wait until we see single exciting!

Keep the faith!