Friday, June 06, 2008

Sad News

One of our Precious Panda "Waiting" families suffered a tragedy this past week. This is truly heartbreaking.
The "Precious Panda" Yahoo group was formed to communicate with all other couples who were logged in with China during December 2005/January 2006. We have shared stories, met several of the couples and supported each other during this very long wait for our new daughters.

Please keep Deb in your prayers. Read the story and donate towards flowers at JEMchina Journey.

Update, June 23rd: Deb has heard from her Agency and China (CCAA) and they will allow her to continue with the adoption as a single. She wrote on our Precious Panda Yahoo group: I'm still going to be a mom and Gerald's dream of being a father will come true! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers - it worked!


Wendy said...

Reading the other blog about this took my breath away........I am just so heartsick about this. She is my thoughts and prayers.

T&W said...

There are no words. She will be in my prayers.

kris said...

My god how tragic.