Tuesday, June 10, 2008


National Comment Leave Month Continues....

I thought I would let you know where I have been visiting so that you can check it out too. Lots of very nice blogs (and the people too!).
This began over at Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters (what a name.... what you will find is hundreds of couples who desire to have a child and their journey about it - be prepared to experience emotions like you have never done before!).

(Not all of these are participating in the NCLM)
What Wuz I Saying - Three Boys and a daughter by adoption on her way from South Korea
Waiting for Natalie - Receiving their referral this week!! LID 01/16/08
Journey to Nora - Receiving their referral this week!! LID 01/16/08
Loving Our Ladybug - Receiving their referral this week!! LID 01/17/08
Lupus Pie - Infertility, Adoption and Illness
Single Mommy by Choice - One Child
Chani's Garden - Home with Chinese Daughter
Living my Dream - Traveling in June for Daughter #2 from China
Creating Motherhood - Title says it all
Sarah Solitaire - Read about her infertility post June 5th - "Infertility is a Gift"
Just a Stay at Home Wife - Infertility
CouldYouMaybe Baby - Pregnant!
Lee's Things - Lot's of Doodles & Crafts!
Chicklet at Bloorb - Infertility
The Sweet Life - Infertility
Busted Babymaker - Title says it all (be prepared for tears)
Life After Infertility and Loss - Title says it all
Worth It All - Daughter #1
A Red Thread - Already home with their daughter
Loving Our Ladybug - John & Beth just received her daughter's referral - June 9th!
The Long Road to China - Domestic Adoption too!
On Our Way to Olivia - Traveling to China on 7/10/08!
Piper Family - Summering in Maine with two daughters

We have lots of adoption blogs we make the "regular" rounds on - most all are linked on our right sidebar. If you are not there, please let us know so we may add you!


DC said...

Hey! Thanks for including me!! I love your list of blogs (some of my favorites!) and I can't believe you're not already on my blogroll. Adding you now. :)

Vivian M said...

Infertility led us to Life with Kerri, and we could not be more blessed. At one point I thought our battle with infertility was the end (I almost died), but it actually became the beginning of the most wonderful journey we had ever taken as a couple.
Thank you for following along, and we look forward to the day your blog is all about life with Alyzabeth An!

OH MY #6 said...

I feel honoured to be on your sidebar!

Happy Wednesday friends.


Lee said...

Tickled to be on your list!

Beverly said...

Oh do stop by one day to Motherhood and Other Ramblings. Love to have you.


chicklet said...

Woohoo, I made a list! :-)

Tracy said...

Yay! I made the list (although I am not sure what NLCM is...)


PS - very excited for you - you could be next!!