Monday, June 30, 2008

Miss Cellania Website

I enjoy visiting Miss Cellania. She recently posted this and in true blog friend fashion. I've "borrowed" it to share with you. If you're looking for something to take your mind off of the fact that we DON'T have any fresh rumors about STORKS landing, maybe this diversion can help. Check it out. If you love musicals - then you'll love this wedding reception surprise! The bride thinks a member of her wedding party is about to deliver a toast.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tagged! Three Word Sunday!!

We have been tagged to write our six word memoir by "Half Gaelic, Half Garlic" over at "The Long Road to China".

We remember posting about the book, Not Quite What I Was Expecting, a while back but we didn't (or couldn't) write a six word memoir, it seems our creative juices were lacking at the time. So we gave it a try and here is our collaborative effort for a six word memoir:
Our Faith, Our Family, So Blessed.

If you're up to the challenge (and fun), here are the rules........ you need to describe your life in 6 words, link back to me, and then tag another 5 people. Leave them a comment to let them know they are tagged. It really is fun. And with that, we tag:

Our LID "Twins" - Ruth & Brian - Abigail... Our Journey of Hope.

Lea at "Oh My #6!" has been a warrior commenter on our blog - we love reading her comments!

"Our Little Tongginator" has already been tagged, so check out all her efforts at summing up life with six words!

Nina & David are on the "Journey to Kavanna" - they are next right after us!

And for number 5 - Marsha at "Yo Muthers Blog". Marsha actually bought the book and shared its unique literary challenge with others through her work.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Time To Celebrate LID #29

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy

It looks as though the whole picture won't fit. Oh well...

Salty Dog has been spending more time with the grands, Kilee and Livi, in preparation for Alyzabeth An. Aly has been pulling her hair out trying to comb out M& M's hair. GC continues to be people friendly and one laiddddd back cat. OJ. Hard to describe OJ. If he follows pattern, Alyzabeth An may not see much of OJ. I feel confident in telling you he'll not be coming around for her to pet him anytime soon. OJ exemplifies the term "loner". Meanwhile, DS Justin quietly gives a knowing nod that the time is drawing near and DD Leaa reminds us daily, with early morning calls, the family is ready.

So here we are celebrating 29 months LID. Ok, maybe not celebrate but for all you living The Wait, well, you know full well what we mean by celebrating. Big numbers, in the fuzzy math logic of IA parents-to-be, indicates you're getting closer to REFERRAL! So like um' or not, we all grudgingly acknowledge them in our own way.

A personal message to those in The Wait:
We're sitting on the bubble for the upcoming July Referrals. So this could be the last (or next to last) time we celebrate our LID date. While we are obviously consumed with emotion by what is taking place in our family, please know that our hearts are forever linked to you. To you who have gone before and especially to you, whose journey continues on. Bless you. Walking in these shoes for the past 3 plus years of Paperchasing and Waiting has only increased the respect we have for you. Strong, Courageous, Loving, Supportive, Determined, Resilient, Committed, Caring... The list could go on and on in search of descriptors that barely touch upon the real you.

You brave the highs and lows to one day hold, to one day love, to one day give thanks for the little one already born in your heart. Yours is not a journey for the faint. For those who fail to dream. For those who fear to love and be loved. Always know this. You are forever members of our family and we choose to believe we are members of yours. Our journeys, too long measured by time, will one day give way to a measurement of the love we live and the love we give...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's Match Time

It's not a rumor. And we're either making this cutoff or the next.....

The CCAA has begun the matching process. I don't know which is worse. The rapid shallow breathing or not being able to breathe at all, but either way, here we go. And a looooong weekend it's going to be with next week looking to be much of the same. You would think sitting on a bubble would be soft. It's not. It's hard but man does it feel good...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Racism - And The Talk...

By now most of you have either heard about or read Pittsburgh Tribune columnist Mike Seate's article: Adopting Asian Kids Becoming Latest Fad. It's a class act from beginning to end. I'm not linking to his blog because it's just more of the same. (By the way, are we the only ones who get the Angelina Jolie yada yada treatment? I didn't think so.) Is it surprising that a columnist writing for a major publication would openly promote racist beliefs? Only if you think racism ended with the Civil Rights legislation enacted in the 60's and Don Imus is just being misunderstood. Sure it did, he is and there aren't any folks refusing to vote for Obama because he's black. I sent Mr Seate an email. I don't expect a reply. I do hope however, that somewhere along his life's journey he overcomes the hate he has for my family and finds value in helping to lift lives up rather than using his talents to inflict hurt and anger.

As painful as it is to say, confronting racism is something Aly and I know we will be preparing Alyzabeth for. Sadly, it's not a question of if. Most parents raise their kids dreading the day when they have to have The Talk. You know, The Talk. The birds and the bees. We wish... About a year ago I mentioned to a family member that we would be confronted by racism. I remember their saying they didn't really think that would be much of a problem if at all. I also remember thinking. You're a smart person. I know that you know it will happen. Maybe you were just trying to be nice to me but then, we each know racism exists in our own family. Like I said. It's not a question of if.

We had a brush with racism a month or so ago when Aly and I were facilitating a workshop. As is customary in many workshops, we opened with the folks sharing a little about themselves and what they hoped to get out of the workshop. When it came our turn, with smiles flashing, we shared our adoption excitement. Deep down I had this uneasy feeling but a guy can always hope. Score one for the bad feeling. The group's reaction: Silence. No smiles. Nothing. Nada. Zippo. Straight ahead stares. While considerate and attentive throughout the training, this group made it very clear, they did not approve of transracial adoption. We were adopting out of our race. Message sent. Message received.

I came across a wonderful comment the other day. One of those perfect reminders that you always appreciate. "Do not let the exception become the generalization". For every racist there are gazillions of good and loving people. I want to be sure and stress that with Alyzabeth. You know, for when we're having The Talk...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hunkering Down Before July Referrals

We seem to be entering a phase that can only be described as "hunkering down".
An analogy. Of Sorts.

When hurricanes threaten we instinctively begin to horde non-perishable food, water, batteries, gas, etc. You name it, we stock up and get ready to ride it out. This can go on for days and in some cases, weeks (though 2004 was more like months!). It's a bit draining to say the least. In any event, you prepare for anything and everything while fully expecting conditions to change on a dime.

Which leads me to believe we have somehow slipped into a Referral Hunker Down mode. A somewhat defensive position designed to guard oneself against any sudden "storms" or unsuspected weather disturbances in the ever changing clime of Adoption World. It's like we're planning an outdoor celebration but spending an inordinate amount of time worried about the possibility of it raining. While being properly prepared is one thing, to lose sight of the joy ushering in the celebration seems a bit. Well... Silly.

So why the defensive posturing? Possibly it's self preservation to help dampen the emotional setback in not receiving a Referral in July? Sure, I can buy into that. Poor us. Yeah, right. Then again, maybe it's the strain of The Wait catching up to us? Can't lie, that one does pop its head up every now and then forcing us to grab a mallet and pound it back down. You know, it could be we're just a little edgy. In an excited, nervous sort of way. Heck, we might be doing you all a favor. Everyone on this journey is experiencing The Wait. Whining about it, while bringing much needed empathy, can easily become too much whining sending blog friends, neighbors and family looking for a quick but polite exit. Can you blame them?

With all of this and that rattling about my head, a thought just slipped in. It could be we're not so much experiencing an emotional hunkering as it is we're storing up referral energy reserves. We're not being defensive. We're being pro-active. Oh, I like that idea. Storing energy reserves. That's it! We're not "hunkering" we're Storing! I love it when a seemingly negative force pressing against you suddenly becomes a positive force propelling you.

So. Do I change the title to Storing Energy Before July Referrals? Nah. Let it ride... After all, it's a long storm season here in Florida and we should stay prepared for August just in case. Storing Energy. Man, I'm glad I thought of that... Feeling better already.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

3 Word Sunday - June 21, 2008

For our 3 Word Sunday we thought we would share 3 songs performed by our DD Leaa and SIL Jesse. We caught one of their gigs last night and hope you all will enjoy listening to our family music makers as much as we enjoy sharing them with you...

Friday, June 20, 2008

And Away We Went - An Orphan's Adoption

I enjoy listening to NPR, especially StoryCorps .

NPR also has an ongoing audio series, Adoption In America, recounting personally told adoption stories. I never grow tired of someone reading to me :) Each story, from both sides of adoption, radiates its own set of emotions and insights. As you listen to those born into their family through adoption talk about their Mom and Dad, I'm thinking you may find a peace washing over you as your heart both swells and melts..

At our Florida UMC Children's Home, a child first arriving is immediately given their own pillow, blanket and personal items. Not shared. Their own. It seems such a simple thing and yet the story below helped to drive home to us just how significant having something of your own can be. And should the time come that our kids are able to leave the sheltering of the Children's Home, they always take their pillow and blanket with them. For many, it was the first time to owned something of their own and we would never think of taking that away.

The story linked below, from the StoryCorps feature, touched us as it spoke to never having had something of your own and so much more...

From NPR Morning Edition, June 20, 2008.
Days after his birth in 1952, Ray Martinez was sent to an orphanage in Denver. He recalls the five years he spent there as a time when nothing belonged to him — not a toy, not a coat, not a closet.
And Away We Went...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gotcha. Forever. Whatever...

We plan to refer to ourselves as our daughter's "Forever Family". We made the decision some time back to substitute Forever in place of "Gotcha" with Forever Day replacing Gotcha Day.

We did use Gotcha early on not spending a great deal of time analyzing how it could come across to our daughter, as we were too giddy with learning lots of new international adoption "terms". And besides, over analyzing anything soon becomes a lesson in not seeing the forest for the trees type of thing. If you have chosen to use Gotcha, go for it. If, like us, you have chosen to use Forever, then by all means, do it.

Here's an article that speaks volumes about the term "gotcha". From the magazine Adoptive Families, the article is entitled "Get Rid of Gotcha" by Karen Moline, it makes many good points:

I find the use of "gotcha" to describe the act of adoption both astonishing and offensive. Aside from being parent-centered ("C'mere, little orphan, I gotcha now!") it smacks of acquiring a possession, not welcoming a new person into your life.

Please take the time to read the comments on this article as they are very insightful and give several "sides" of the story. Here's one unique comment from Tania:

As usual, people read way too much into a silly/fun word. My daughter, adopted at 14, refers to her special day as "gotcha day" because it is the day SHE GOT US! We never used the term, she did. She will walk up to me at random times (not just "gotcha day") throw her arms around me and say "gotcha....and I am never going to let go." Who am I to tell her that her feelings of happiness and belonging are politically incorrect? Not every adoption is the same. Not every adoptee was an infant. Not every birth parent lovely relinquished their child in nobility. Not every family is overly sensitive to terminology. Maybe it is about time other people stopped telling me how to refer to a HAPPY FUN FILLED EXCITING day for my child.

Gotcha or Forever. Call this "most wonderful of times" what you will. It's your call, just as it should be. And ultimately, it boils down to what you know works best for you and your family!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I do love veggies, nuts and fruits but have not known how to really cook "vegetarian" for regular meals. We usually end up with a few meat-less meals each week but it is not a planned vegetarian meal. We love having BBQ, blackened fish, roast chicken or turkey, an occasional steak... so you can see we are not ready to go 100% vegetarian. When we reduce our "caloric-intake" (we don't say the "d" word), eating more "raw" foods is better.

We were driving to this Children's Home quarterly Board meeting today and we usually pick up a quick lunch in Deland. DH, by chance, saw the sign for the Deland Bakery (all natural, organic) that stated a sandwich shop was inside. We took the chance and tried it. We had a veggie wrap and a tex-mex wrap with guacamole tortilla chips and all natural juice sodas. Very good. We would stop by there again. The funniest thing was when I asked to use the ladies restroom, I was escorted through the bakery, past the employees making bread, all the way to the back of the factory. I guess they haven't planned for a long term cafe in the store!!

I was reading Crazyhippiemom's Weblog (check out several of her latest posts, very unique) and then went to one of her recommended sites called In a Vegetarian Kitchen.
I found a recipe for Black Bean/Sweet Potato Chili. We recently had our first Chinese cooking lesson and it included sweet potatoes. I think this chili recipe is worth making.

Does anyone have these cookbooks? Any favorite veggie recipes?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day - 3rd Post!

I want to squeeze in one more important post about Father's Day.
DH had a nice Father's Day phone call from our son. We didn't get to see him today :(

I want to brag on our daughter. DD gave her Dad this gift of a book with special written message and a photo of grand-baby. She's a wonderful daughter! Thank you!

Father's Day at the Beach

We (the Grandparents) had a wonderful time today visiting with our youngest granddaughter at the beach. After a rainy beginning, we opted for lunch until the sun came back out. We are Imagining that soon, Lizzy will be holding our hands along with grand-babies, Alivia and Kilee.

This beautiful picture showing us walking off the beach with Alivia, was taken by our SIL's Mom (Grandmother known as Mimi). We love our family - we have the best!

Happy Father's Day "Big Pop"

On the calendar it comes but once a year. In the heart it comes every day... I can't remember a time in which he wasn't and continues to this day, to be the major influence in my life.
To all the Dad's out there, we wish you a Happy Father's Day.

To my dad back in Missouri:
Before you go roaring off somewhere today, I'll be giving you a call!
Happy Father's Day, Pop...
We Love you.
ac & fm

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Show & Tell About Secret Buddies & Gifts

Show and Tell about recent gifts....

We participate in two Secret gift exchanges. One is called Secret Buddy while the other is called "Secret Pal". When we initially joined some Yahoo groups to connect with other's adopting from China, we joined the group, Precious Pandas (anyone logged in with China in December 05 and January and February 2006 was invited to join), they already had a Secret Swap going.
So last year when the opportunity came to join in this one at Seventh Diamond, we joined the fun. Just a month later, the Precious Pandas decided to start a new swap, so we joined and now send out two secret gift boxes each month.

This is what we received for the month of June, the theme was hair bows (any ribbons, barrettes, adornments for new daughter's hair). Aren't they just precious? My Secret Buddy knows of our colors for Alyzabeth's room; pinks and browns. Here's a picture with all of them - what a beautiful surprise!
Our Secret Bud's have been so thoughtful about the gifts they send to us. They all have included useful, adorable, helpful, practical, whimsical gifts - lots of love put into each package!

This past week, our favorite adopting "older than dirt" couple, (they allow us to say that :) sent DH a Father's Day gift; a very cute "Pirates" book with a photo of DH hoisting a sail at my birthday bash.....

Thank you to all who have made this a joyous journey!! We are on pins and needles for the referral news in early July - we think we have a 50 - 50 shot at being in the next batch!! To celebrate being on the "bubble", we expect to drink as much bubbly as possible when the mood strikes us!

Love to our family and friends! Cheers!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Recipe - Appetizer

Brie Tartlets with Grape Relish: Here's the photo from Southern Living Magazine:

Here's me making/assembling the tartlets (final stage is to top with the grape relish).

Here's the presentation on the serving plate (gift from the Worley's a long time ago). You can barely see the cobalt blue 1920's wine glasses (from my Grandmother); we rarely use them but were enjoying the special food and a bottle of wine that was a gift to us.

We will be making this again - we love Brie cheese and this is so easy with the ready made pie crust. I think there could be many substitutions if you want to be creative to suit anyone's tastes.
Hope you enjoy - We did!! From Southern Living November 2007 Magazine.

They disappeared fast....... delicious!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Promised Myself I Wouldn't Do This

I can't believe this. I have a blogger friend in Texas that is shaking their head right now. I'm sorry J. I don't know what to tell you. No excuses. It's a pitiful thing...

Usually, the take your breath away rumors on RQ come later in the month, closer to the next referral date. Well, she just posted this little jewel and it's sure to make for some shallow breathing.

RQ Quote:
"And last but certainly not least, I have a good rumor to share. One agency says that the CCAA says next month will also have a lot of days in it. That’s probably the earliest rumor about next month ever. But, I’ll take it".

Don't completely give up on me J. I'll break this addiction. I know I can do it.
OK. I need to come clean. The truth is:

Hello. My name is Ford and I'm a RQ junkie...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


National Comment Leave Month Continues....

I thought I would let you know where I have been visiting so that you can check it out too. Lots of very nice blogs (and the people too!).
This began over at Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters (what a name.... what you will find is hundreds of couples who desire to have a child and their journey about it - be prepared to experience emotions like you have never done before!).

(Not all of these are participating in the NCLM)
What Wuz I Saying - Three Boys and a daughter by adoption on her way from South Korea
Waiting for Natalie - Receiving their referral this week!! LID 01/16/08
Journey to Nora - Receiving their referral this week!! LID 01/16/08
Loving Our Ladybug - Receiving their referral this week!! LID 01/17/08
Lupus Pie - Infertility, Adoption and Illness
Single Mommy by Choice - One Child
Chani's Garden - Home with Chinese Daughter
Living my Dream - Traveling in June for Daughter #2 from China
Creating Motherhood - Title says it all
Sarah Solitaire - Read about her infertility post June 5th - "Infertility is a Gift"
Just a Stay at Home Wife - Infertility
CouldYouMaybe Baby - Pregnant!
Lee's Things - Lot's of Doodles & Crafts!
Chicklet at Bloorb - Infertility
The Sweet Life - Infertility
Busted Babymaker - Title says it all (be prepared for tears)
Life After Infertility and Loss - Title says it all
Worth It All - Daughter #1
A Red Thread - Already home with their daughter
Loving Our Ladybug - John & Beth just received her daughter's referral - June 9th!
The Long Road to China - Domestic Adoption too!
On Our Way to Olivia - Traveling to China on 7/10/08!
Piper Family - Summering in Maine with two daughters

We have lots of adoption blogs we make the "regular" rounds on - most all are linked on our right sidebar. If you are not there, please let us know so we may add you!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Referral Count Down Calendar June Update

Severine is reporting a French agency has confirmed January 22, 2006 as the official cutoff!!! Thank you Severine! Other agencies are reporting it to be the 20th as the official cutoff!!! Nothing like a little suspense to keep things interesting. Either way - The Stork is Flying!!!!! Forever Families are seeing the face of their little ones for the first time!!!

We've never sat in the front seat of a real roller coaster ride but I think we're about to experience what that feels like...

We've crept into a strange new land. It's the land of the "bubble". By bubble, I mean for the first time ever we have inched close enough to have an honest to goodness chance of receiving our referral next month. Absolutely no guarantees but we might just get to see the face of Alyzabeth An soon. As in July! Or, we might not... So the question for all of June becomes, does our bubble burst? Oh, Jerry Garcia, we had no idea it was us you had in mind when singing what a long, strange trip its been.

I think I caught a look in Aly's eye this morning that reflected a whole lot of what is going on inside of my head. A look of mesmerizing anticipation coupled with a bit of fear, anxiety and dare we think it, hope...

But first, the more important news. We want to wish all those who just received their referrals a well deserved CONGRATULATIONS! Soon you all will be experiencing the treasured Forever Day with your little one and forever more will be, a Forever Family. It just doesn't get any better than that...

Sunday, June 08, 2008

3-Word Sunday "To Do Lists"

Three words to sum up last week? How hard can it be to select three little words?
We seem to be busy, busy and busier as each week goes forward. We finally typed up a "to do" list for our pre-China travel tasks. What a list. We also have a copy of one from here.

If you have one, please share so we can compare!! Lots to do, yet the past LONG WAIT has lulled us into thinking it may not happen for months.

Yet, IT IS getting closer. IT may be July! How excited and how unprepared can we feel? (I always did work better under pressure). If not July, then August at the latest.


Congratulations to all waiting families through January 22nd (we haven't seen an OFFICIAL confirmation on this date, we expect it on Monday). Happy Referral Days are here!

*Show & Tell is combined with our weekly Three-Word Sunday...

Saturday, June 07, 2008

A Friday with Alivia

DH spent the day with DD Leaa, SIL Jesse and grand-baby Livi (now two years old!) at the Condo. She's a beauty but won't stand still for more than a nanosecond.

He took the picture of my backside while I was talking to Livi at the pool (I just arrived coming straight from work).

The other two pictures were while they were leaving; Livi would not look at the camera - is this just a phase? Can you tell she's tired? Too much fun at the pool! She's precious and perfect to us. Now to get Alyzabeth here so she can play with Livi and Kilee!!!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Sad News

One of our Precious Panda "Waiting" families suffered a tragedy this past week. This is truly heartbreaking.
The "Precious Panda" Yahoo group was formed to communicate with all other couples who were logged in with China during December 2005/January 2006. We have shared stories, met several of the couples and supported each other during this very long wait for our new daughters.

Please keep Deb in your prayers. Read the story and donate towards flowers at JEMchina Journey.

Update, June 23rd: Deb has heard from her Agency and China (CCAA) and they will allow her to continue with the adoption as a single. She wrote on our Precious Panda Yahoo group: I'm still going to be a mom and Gerald's dream of being a father will come true! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers - it worked!

Referral Rumors RuleThe Day

Rumors are whirling about a possible January 22, 2006 cutoff date this month for referrals from China. Which means more than a few or our friends are nervously waiting to finally see the faces of their little ones. We hope that happens today. Their having to wait through the weekend would be excruciating! Should the rumor of the 22nd turn out to be true then we are within five days of our LID of January 27, 2006. Yea!

Rumor Queen and the Yahoo Groups are sure to be hopping today and all next week!

UPDATE: It appears that something is in the "air". Most likely it's referrals but the agencies will not be receiving them until Monday. Some folks are going to have a long, lonnnnnnnnnnnng weekend waiting for The Call...

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Red Wine and Junk Food??

As you know from years of reading about our red wine junkie habit, we love red wine - period.

So I was cruising through the Food and Wine magazine's web and found this blog post. It is hilarious! If you are a fan of wine and junk food, check out the unique subject matter.
Here's a sample of Mike Pierce's suggestions:

Cracker Jacks:
10 year or older St-Joseph Blanc (Marsanne and Rosanne)
why it works: The waxy walnut quality of the older San Joseph matches nicely with the caramel peanut and the piquant sweetness of the kernels. Well-made San Joseph Blancs will carry their acidity throughout their life to cut through the snack's sweetness.

Classic Cheetos: Verdicchio Di Metallica
why it works: Enough acidity to clean up the cheddar, and a mid-palate weight that married the intensity of the Cheetos. Ultimately, it was the only one of about 12 wines that did not taste awful, in that chemical way, after it chased the Cheetos.
alternate pairing: unoaked California Grenache Blanc

Slim Jim: Lambrusco
why it works: Duh. Lambrusco from Emilia Romagna goes great with all salty cured meats, including Slim Jim.
alternate pairing: Sciava, a light, bitter red from Alto Adigo or indigenous Austrian red varietals like Zweigelt and Blaufrankisch.

Here's his Restaurant's class:

April 9th “Junk Food Wine Pairing Challenge” Round #2
The first “Junk Food” seminar was so popular that we decided to do it one more time. Mike will again tackle some challenging foods that are often eaten, but rarely, if ever, paired with wine. You decide if the pairings work. This is one not to miss!

First Course: Cool Ranch Doritos - Wine Pairing: Come join us and find out.
Second Course: Pork Carnitas Tacos - Wine Pairing: Come join us and find out.
Third Course: Buffalo Chicken Wings - Wine Pairing: Come join us and find out.
Fourth Course: Snickers Bar - Wine Pairing: Come join us and find out.

I am just mad that I didn't think of holding a class on pairing wines with junk food!! Thanks to Jen Murphy for writing about this.
What will they think of next???

Monday, June 02, 2008

Somebody Had A Birthday - So We Had A Party

We sailed upon the waters of the Atlantic. We sang. We toured St. Augustine in a horse drawn wagon, trolley and carriage. We laughed. We dined on a 3 course tapas and wine dinner. We danced. We indulged on specially prepared chocolate and strawberry cakes by Leaa D. We celebrated. All of this we did and more, taking pictures till discarded batteries gathered like fallen leaves.

The quest was a simple one. Celebrate a birthday with limited notice to family and friends on details such as: When and Where. It was Aly's birthday. That made it Party Time!

The nuances of International Adoption wrecks havoc on plans and schedules. Alas, our birthday bash called for something close to home yet adventurous. Fun and engaging but allowing something for all.

In short, romantic yet family and friend oriented.

So the call went out and once again our wonderful family and friends responded. So awesome! Each and every one of them.

Happy Birthday Sweetie! Since we didn't make it to the Keys, I guess we'll just have to settle on a trip to China :)

I love you Aly and just want you to know that I give thanks in celebrating each and every day I share with you.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

3 Word Sunday - Show & Tell

Three Word Sunday: The Blueberries are about all gone. As is the case each year, it's a race to see who eats more, the birds or us! I think the birds keep winning :)

Show & Tell: We planted these three bushes so that I could pick blueberries just as my family did (does) in Maine; I don't think they come ripe until late July.
I love blueberries - in my cereal, pies, my Mom's famous Blueberry Buckle and smoothies. All very yummy! Here in Florida, these bushes don't produce an abundance every year... or I miss them due to the critters getting to them first!

Someday we may just have to cover the bushes with netting but then that's maybe someday...

PS: Visit other Show & Tell stories here.