Saturday, May 24, 2008

Secret Buddy - 7th Diamond Swap - May 08

We're not worthy :) Thank goodness Alyzabeth An is!

More fun goodies arrived this week! You cannot believe all the great gifts we received for summer fun with Alyzabeth!

I can't wait to put her pictures in the frame - our favorite colors are applegreen and pink (even though we decorated her room in browns and pinks)..... The pink sunglasses are adorable!

Can you IMAGINE Alyzabeth in her bathing suit and the too cute terry cloth hoodie with sunglasses on and playing in the water pool!?! We can!!! So cool!

SB: Thank You so much for the Alyzabeth's gifts. Each has been so wonderful. And such a huge help for us in getting ready for her arrival. We have bought very little as we do not know her age and size, but these gifts have all been larger than baby sizes so they will surely be worn! YES!! We will remember our Secret Buddy (when can I find you out????) every time we use our wonderful goodies.

Love to all the Secret Buddies and Pals out there - you all are the greatest! Thank you!!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What cute gifts! I have never seen a baby pool like cute!


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Love the little pool..
How fun!!!!
Can't wait to see little Alyzabeth An in the pool..
Have a Great Weekend..

Briana's Mom said...

Now those are some cute gifts!

Liene said...

What fabulous gifts!!! They are all too adorable and I'm sure Alyzabeth is going to love them!

OH MY #6 said...

How generous is that?!!!! My word you are spoiled!

Honestly, how cute. It is absolutely adorable.


Vivian M said...

What adorable gifts!

Margaret Miracle said...

I love the secret buddy gifts. They really have a way of making the wait go by quicker!