Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Now To Keep The Bugs And Critters Away

Look what we have growing. Small as they are, great hopes abound! The variety is called Big Beef with a projected fruit size of 12-16 ounces. Provided the cutworms, marauding small animals or heat don't get to them first :)

This may present more of a challenge in guessing what we have growing. Don't you just love the "natural" mulch put down to help hold the moisture in the ground. I sure hope these things like decaying oak leaves. Not to mention they were planted in a spot created from having a pine tree cut down and the stump ground out...

We could begin "thumping" for ripeness around the 4th of July. Then again, my calculations may not be the best. It's been some time since last I grew any watermelons (and never this variety). Something called "black spot" did a number on more than a couple of my plants the last time I played melon patch farmer as I recall. I best check in to that now and get prepared. We're trying to stay as chemical free as we can.

As a kid growing up in Missouri, our Uncle Salty, (not where Salty Dog got his name) grew championship size watermelons. We're talking State Fair competition size melons. I feel very confident in saying Uncle Salty, while proud of our effort, would not exactly be shaking in his boots when weigh in time comes around here... We'll keep you all updated.

Which reminds me. I wonder how the Lemoncello is coming along?


OziMum said...

The only thing I can grow is weeds. Look forward to seeing the "prize" fruit & veg!!!

PS, great pics below. I have no idea what show you went to... you'll have to tell me!

OH MY #6 said...

You little gardeners you!


Vivian M said...

I think there is a natural way to repel bugs from your garden, I think it is a mixture of hot sauce, garlic and something else that you spray on your plants. It smells horrible but does not harm the plant in any way.
I am in awe of anyone that can grow things, I do not have a green thumb at all!

kris said...

Everything would be dead in a week in my yard. I am seriously impressed!

Lori said...

What promise!

My ears instantly perked up when you mentioned Limoncello.


Briana's Mom said...

Mmmmm, fresh watermelon in the summer. Yum!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I have never been adventurous enough to grow watermelons! Good luck....can't wait to see how they turn out!


Margaret Miracle said...

My mouth is watering at just thinking about the possibility of fresh watermelon right outside my door. I hope you and your family enjoy some soon!